Monday, October 24, 2011

Little fighters

On Saturday I was blessed to take Breaker to his first ever NICU Reunion Party in Savannah.  Jarrett had to judge at the Brunswick Stewbilee and we had had such a busy week I had hung up the idea of going, but mom and dad decided to make a last minute trip.  They took B and me along for the ride!

I didn't know what kind of emotions to anticipate feeling.  It was my first trip back to Savannah since leaving with Breaker in June.  I was excited to share his progress with the precious nurses who cared for him, but at the same time felt guilty.  Most of the children at the party looked as if they had made it through prematurity as fighters (like most do).  They had physical and mental obstacles unlike other children, but you wouldn't know it.  God gives his littlest ones amazing confidence, perseverance and grace.

My emotions over Breaker's first NICU reunion are especially heightened because Jarrett and I have friends, Hayley and Whit Dawson, who are currently cheering their little one, Polly, on to recovery.  Polly is two weeks old tomorrow and has quite a challenge in front of her.  That's why I wanted to blog tonight.  Polly needs all of you cheering and praying for her.  Tomorrow the doctors at MCG are going to take her off ECMO and put her on a ventilator.  It's a BIG step for this little lady, but so far she has faced challenges head-on and pushed through.  I have no doubt she'll do the same tomorrow. 

I also have no doubt that one day Polly, Hayley and Whit will be attending an NICU Reunion Party of their own.  So if you will please say a prayer for Baby Polly tonight, tomorrow and whenever she comes to mind it would mean the world.  God has great things in store for this little fightin' lady.

Here are a few of the sciptures that carried me through while we were in Savannah:

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.
Psalm 34:7

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Big Boy Bath. . . with sister

Tonight Jarrett and I were anxious, but knew it had to be done.  Breaker had his first "real" bath.  We've been giving him sink/sponge baths.  Now he's in his big boy crib and it's time for him to bathe like a real man.  He loved it, especially the how-to tutorial Finley gave him. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Main Squeeze-Update

I should be in bed right now because 5a.m. comes way too early for this "not a morning person" person, but I have to give a shout out to my main squeeze J Bridge.  I'm not going to get too mushy.  I've just been thinking about all he has done for me over the past nine years (and especially over the past five months).  Seriously, if he had known that a blind date at Longhorn would turn his life into such a roller coaster he may have run the opposite direction!  Until him it was only mom who found herself on crazy adventures, now it's him too. . .sometimes solo, sometimes with Beebe in tow. 
Since September 29, 2002 Jarrett Bridges has been found himself in the following "situations", mostly because of me:

1.  After driving halfway to Rome mom discovered I had her car keys.  She was in Albany.  Time to turn around.
2.  Jack has used him as a litter box twice.
3.  I have thrown out gum that has accidentally landed on his car twice.
4.  Nursing school.  Need I say more.
5.  Driving around and around in Buckhead.
6.  Preemie Finley.
7.  Premature Rupture of membranes, one month in Savannah, preemie Breaker.
8.  The Turtle Trot and now the Savannah Half Marathon.
9.  Cher and Carrie Underwood in concert.  Jay-Z too.
10. Hunt for Terry the Turkey.
11. Babysitting Eli in the middle of Tropical Storm Tammie.
12. We missed our flight to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.  Where did I take him for the first day of married life?  Lenox Square!

I thought of a few more adventures I've drug Jarrett on, bless his heart.  I've got to keep better track of these happenings.  He deserves a pat on the back!

Friday, September 23, 2011

You can call at 1:00 now

Jarrett called at 1:45 today.  What was he thinking?  It was the finale of all finales.  All My Children aired its last episode today.  Jarrett thought I had lost my mind, but it was no time for a "check-in" on how the day was going.   Mom and I were glued and don't know how Breaker slept through it all.  It was a the perfect "soap" finale; characters came back from the dead, women were popping up preggers, lots of bling being placed on the left hand, sight returned to the blind, the perfect couples were finally happily ever after . . .and then the twist:  Who did JR shoot?  It's not, "Who shot JR?" anymore.  I'm pretty sure it was Erica.  She was in the line of fire and Susan Lucci did not sign a contract to do webisodes.  Nothing gets past E! News.  So that's it.  After thirty-two years no more AMC for me.  I don't know what will replace my and mom's one o'clock lunch date TV.  Mom has a lot of resentment towards The Chew and rightfully so.  I think she's watched AMC since, um, the beginning?  I don't want to give away any age secrets:)  ABC's cancellation is also going to cost the fam laughter too.  There was nothing like hearing Dad give his take on the AMC storyline (he's home for lunch at one sometimes too).  But he doesn't have much room to tease mom and me.  He liked the soap opera with vampires.  What?

So it's a wrap.  I'm sure you all will be anxiously awaiting to learn of our new one o'clock appointment TV.  I'm thinking something on Bravo . . .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Race time

Raising two children is kicking my butt.  I've told many of you, "I thought baby number two would just blend right into our family of three routine."  Psych.  Combo-ing Breaker with Finley has presented me (and Jarrett) with crazy new challenges.  These challenges are sweet blessings, but whoa.  I do everything like I'm running a race.  If it's not race time, I'm strategically planning the family routine down to when to load the car and what needs to be laid out where to trigger me to do what's next.  I sound neurotic, don't I?  But if I don't plan carefully we crash and burn fast around here.   Make bottles, lunches and have EVERYTHING laid out the night before.  We're figuring it out.  Kim Landers says to give it six months.  We've got three months under our belt.  I think we can make it.

All of the racing and planning has me very thankful for modern conveniences.  Below are my "mom" faves:

1.  Clorox wipes
2.  Gummies (they can be my worst nightmare too)
3.  Noisemakers
4.  Jogging strollers
5.  Portable DVD players
6.  iPhones
7.  Bottle/babyfood makers
8.  Pull-Ups
9.  Angel Monitors
10. Swaddlers
11.The Black Eyed Peas
12. Soothie pacifiers
13. "Squeezy" fruit
14. Gripe Water

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whatta weekend

It's Saturday night and I'm dreading Sunday, but for good reasons.  Our house has been buzzing with family since yesterday and I hate to see it come to an end.  Five-two-five Timmons Street will be under the Sunday blues tomorrow afternoon.  Thank goodness for the Primetime Emmy Awards.  They'll be momma's bright spot, bless dad's heart :)

Last night we went to the VHS v. BHS football game with Finley and Eli in tow.  Finley was so frightened of the band I thought we were only going to make it one quarter, but she rallied.  Eli was glued to Uncle J's side.  I couldn't help but tear up when I saw him with his arm around Jarrett.  He was taking it all in with Jarrett and his "Valdosta Boys".  Oh, and while releasing her fears Finley also released in her britches.  Thank goodness it was only number one.  I sat the entire second quarter and through halftime before realizing my pants were wet too.  The joys of motherhood!  I wouldn't have traded it for anything.  She was sitting so sweetly in my lap learning about the football game social scene :)

I was hoping last night was going to be Breaker's first football game, but after a trip to Dr. Aljabi's office and confirmation his poor little ears weren't quite better he got to spend QT with Beebe and Big Daddy.  Bless my little man's heart.  His left ear isn't quite putting up the fight like the right one.  Dr. Aljabi says it's still as red as it was last week.  He's on his second round of antibiotics along with ear drops this time.  Jarrett and I are praying they do the trick.  If not we're headed to the hospital for blood work and a urine culture on Monday.  He's been eating and sleeping like a champ though.  He's back on house arrest too.  I couldn't tell if Dr. Aljabi sensed my fear Friday.  I was praying in my head he wouldn't ask me about Breaker's activity outside the house.  Whew.

We heard from one of our NICU families this week too!  Jarrett got a letter from the Chad and Krista Kennedy at the office.  Both of their little girls are home now!  We hope to see them at the NICU reunion next month!  We lived with them at Ronald McDonald for a week and shared the same tight bond with the HRP nurses.  Man I miss our Savannah Family!  I hope we get to visit soon. . . maybe bring them some sweet treats.  Gigi's new fall menu is out . . . whatcha think HRP girls?!

I better run.  Speaking of sweet treats, Katie has sent me a pumpkin cupcake to try!  Nothing like a pregnant woman's baked goods :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raising an RN

Much to Jarrett's weak stomach's dismay I think we're raising an RN to carry on the Carter Family tradition.  Lately Finley is demonstrating all the signs of a nurse in the making.

1.  As you can see in the picture below, she LOVES Band Aids.  She wants them for herself and anyone within a five mile radius.  Everyone needs Band Aids.  Thank goodness there are no latex allergies in the family.

2.  She is bowel-obsessed.  Today she told me her poop comes from her booty.  She inspects for color, size and smell.

3.  "I need a snack," is her tag line.  She could make it through a twelve hour shift without a meal.

4.  If a bathroom looks suspicious to her she can magically hold it.  Unless the ocean is nearby.  In that case, go hide in the waves and get take care of business.

5.  Bath time is never complete until all of her "friends" are carefully bathed.

6.  The sheets are pulled up and friends in line on her bed before leaving in the morning.  Clothes, shoes, undies etc. for the following day are in a perfect stack before bed at night.

I think the signs are there.  The only thing needing work are her therapeutic communication skills.  She's going to have to learn screaming isn't the best way to get what you want:).

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Has it really been ten years?

I can not believe tomorrow marks the ten year anniversary of  9/11.  It's amazing how time has passed and how things have changed. 

What was I doing that day?  I remember it like yesterday.  I was living in the ZTA house.  Sarah was my roommate and she had already left for class.  I was rolling out of the bed to head to Ramsey when the first tower was hit.  I thought it was a terrible accident, bless the poor pilot's family.  On the way to Ramsey, as I listened to the radio, the second tower was thrown into the mix.  I got that terrible, butterly-in-your gut feeling, terror.  I was afraid.  Having a dad in the Navy Reserves and being a news hound I knew these plane crashes were a sinister act. . . on our country, not in the middle east or somewhere far off.  I proceeded with my routine and called mom.  As soon as I made it to the treadmill I was tuned to TODAY.  It wasn't long before the Pentagon and Shanksville became a part of the day's tragedy.  I was really getting that nervous-gut feeling.  Where could we go for safety?

When I made it back to the house everyone one was buzzing.  Susan wanted to go home and Sarah had made it back from class.  I got ready and headed to the NS15 Newsroom.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  When I got there my classmates were glued to the monitors and surfing the net for the latest.  This is what us news junkies live for, bringing the story to the people.  NS15 is a CBS and CNN affiliate.  We watched live, uneditted feed.  It was mind boggling.

I spent most of the day with my sorority sisters in the TV room trying to make sense of it all.

That night a group of us went to Redeemer Presbyterian for a special prayer service.

Those are the memories most vivid to me.

Now I think about how our world has changed and how most of us in the TV room that day now have children of our own to protect from terror.

I hope our country spends tomorrow in reflection and remembers how we all joined together that day (and since) to protect our families from harm's way.  I hope it doesn't turn into a day of politics and jargon.  I hope we take time to recognize our resilience and comradery and how we are all more alike than different.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Strollin' with my homies

We've crossed-over.  The Bridges now stroll via the mini-van version of strollers, we have a side-by-side :)  Our double-stroller arrived yesterday and we went spinning tonight!  The weather was perfect for our maiden voyage.  You may not be able to tell by the pictures, but Breakman isn't quite big enough (three months to go per guidelines).  Finley was determined to have a co-pilot though.  Check it out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Randomness from Timmons

It is some craziness up in here.  Colic is a beast, not like Beauty & The Beast (had to explain that to Fin), but a real beast.  You never know when it's going to strike.  We thought things were getting worse instead of better this week, but after a trip to Aljabi's office today we now know poor little man has a double ear infection.  Yes, I am a nurse, but don't own an otoscope.  None of the other signs were there.  The bright side is maybe Breaker is getting over colic.  It's just his ears?  We'll see when the Amoxicillin is complete.

The second crazy is our little lady, Miss Finley Bridges herself.  This house exists for her to watch princess movies, eat gummies, drink Arnold Palmer,  smush Play-Dough, color on with permanent markers and scream at the top of her lungs. . . or at least this is what she thinks.  Enter Montesorri Christian Schoolhouse and the answer to momma's prayer!  Miss Sandra and Mr. Robert are working miracles. Finley has started picking up after herself and pushing her chair in.  OMG.  We have been making lots of "treat" trips lately.

Let's see what else?  I think I should do a "Sonal" list of the month's tops.

Listening to:  The Black Eyed Peas, again.  Boom Boom Pow soothes Breaker just like it did Finley.

Eating:  YOBE!!  Our family is obsessed with Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhich.

Watching:  Not much of anything. . .some Big Brother, some Rachel Zoe, some Flipping Out, the Weather Channel (it's hurricane season) and of course Disney Princess Sing Along.  Oh! How could I forget last weekends's discovery--RIO!  Love it.

Wearing:  Scrubs again, but in fall colors.  Um. .  .running shoes I got while I was on bedrest :) 

Reading:  Who What Wear blog, AWOHHN Vitals, Ladybug Girl and  Beauty & The Beast.  I'm aching to get going on The Help.  Oh and there was a touch of Strong Willed Child at the beginning of August.

Favorite Family Activity:  FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL! 

I better jet.  It's past my bed time.  Gonna be back sooner next time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm still not the best at this

I'm going to blame it on managing two little ones this time.  I am still not the best at blogging regularly.  I made a promise to blog while we were in Savannah, but had no idea what awaited us at home!  It's insanity at times and like Amanda says, "We are in the trenches!"  I don't know of a better way to describe it.  Jarrett and I recap the previous night's happenings the following day at lunch (I'm zonked when he leaves for work).  Needless to say, we're both ready for the two o'clock feeding to disappear.  It seems to be our "intruder", as Baby Wise would call it.  Nightly Breaker is either wakes up early for his mid-morning dish or he won't go back to sleep afterwards.  I can't blame him though.  We're usually able to catch a little Jimmy Fallon (love him).  That is the one highlight this time around.  Early morning television is much better than it was when Finley chowed at night.  We are one of the few families who has not invested in a DVR, but that time may be coming!  Jarrett has been snoozing during prime time and you guys that know him know he's not going to miss Big Brother or American Idol.
Enough about us boring parents.  Breaker is doing great!  It's wild how fast he is packing on the pounds.  I think we've got a teenage boy on our hands times.  He eats like crazy.  We go through a can of formula about every three days.  Oh yeah, breastfeeding bit the dust.  I tried (seven weeks).  It was too much to balance with Finley running around too.  I hate it, but something had to give for my sanity.  Plus he was always so fussy when he finished feeding, not the case as much now.  Now I'm hoping Dr. Aljabi will change his formula.  Neosure is not as pricey as Finley's fillet mignon, Nutramigen, but it ranges from $16-$18 a can.  Momma is headed back work next month!  Thank goodness for the grocery budget.  I don't know what I'd do if I had to cut the fro yo.
That brings up the next big step for our family, mom going back to work.  I can't wait to be back in the nursing mix.  I miss SE OB/GYN like crazy.  However, I am nervous about lack of sleep and pick-up/drop-off for the crew.  Jarrett and I are going to have to be strategic, not to mention highly organized.  I've told Beebe not to worry.  We're going to develop a system!
I better run before little man wakes up for his second lunch of the day.  I'm going to try and get to the chatter weekly!  You guys bare with me!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Timmons Street At Last!

Finally all of us are under one roof!  It's nutty and wonderful.  If only you could hear the chatter!  We made it back to SSI on Father's Day.  Jarrett didn't get a fancy dinner, bless his heart, it was Fin's choice Sunday night, but he did have us all at the dinner table(Breaker was present via monitor).  It's wonderful.  It's awesome not to be eating in the bed too!  I'll take take Fin's smacking and veggie refusal any day.

Breaker is adjusting too.  Thanks to NICU & ISN he doesn't mind going to sleep with the television on.  It's nice for the eleven and two a.m. feedings.  He's a smacker too--sucking down his milk and formula!  He's almost back to his birth weight.

I've got to run because it's almost feeding time (it comes around every three hours)!  There's lots more to share and I can't wait to get it all out.

Jarrett and I offer prayers of thanksgiving constantly.  God has been so gracious.  Thank you all for being in prayer with us.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial X1 MO

Since we've been in the hospital for one month tomorrow, I thought I would borrow Sonal's genious idea and do a "Month in Review".  Her reviews are some of my most favorite of her blogs to read.  I'm going to try. . .

Listening to . . . the pros and cons of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and repeat C/Section, with the drip, drip of oxygen in the background and an occasional BEEP of the IV pump.

Watching. . . all things TLC, Bravo and E!  And of course I never miss my beloved All My Children.  I try to catch General Hospital too.  I'm making a confession:  I LOVE watching my soaps.  I feel like such a sap.  I do make up for it though.  I try to catch Way Too Early with Willy Geist and Morning Joe.

Reading. . .Water for Elephants.  I didn't know if it was the one for me, but Ashley Holmes convinced me!  I'm slowly getting into it.  Folks have brought Jarrett and me the best magazines around too.  I should be up-to-date on summer fashion, makeup, hot spots to visit, etc.  Just give me a holla if you have any questions:).

Eating. . .Sadexo Room Service, The Green Truck (OMG, y'all gotta try it!  All organic and farm raised), a bottle of ketchup a week (that's disgusting, but a pregger's craving), hospital graham crackers and of course my beloved frozen yogurt.  "Straw-biddy," as Finley would say, is the flava of the month.

Drinking. . . water, water, water and lactated ringers (in a round about way).  I am allowed an occasional Zero.  I treasure those moments.

Wearing. . . tank tops in every color and my Calypso St. Barth's wrap from mom and dad.  Oh!  And my birdcage necklace from Whitter.

Using. . . iPhone and laptop like a crazy person.  Angie (Studio 1604) has introduced me to dry shampoo too.  I LOVE IT!  She sent me TIGI Catwalk.  You need to stop by for a bottle of your own.  Seriously.

Shopping for. . .little boy clothes!  It's a first and I love it.  I've been picking up back-to-school clothes for Finley too.  Sales do a body good :)  Crazy 8s, Zulily, Totsy, Hautelook and Rue La La are my demise.

Lusting after. . .the chance to wear some of my summer clothes and swimsuits.

Laughing at. . . the funny stories about Finley, J's rhyming and sometimes the looks on the med students faces.  DEER IN HEADLIGHTS.

Brainstorming. . . on plans for the nursery and Finley's big girl room.  Jarrett and I are researching fall concerts too.  My fingers are crossed for tickets to Rihanna and/or J.Lo (if she does a tour).

Excited about. . . Breaker's arrival in two weeks! 

I hope I haven't bored you guys.  I'm not as gifted as Sonal.  Check her blog out if you can:  Life In Sonal's Shoes.  It rocks!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Advice for Future PTLers & PPROMers

Since I've been on bed rest here's what I've learned:

  • Every day is like a trip to the gynecologist.  Scrub down and shave where necessary every shower.
  • Taking a shower is no longer a chore, but a daily field trip.  You will treasure your twenty minutes of freedom.
  • It's exciting to tell the nurse your bowels have moved. 
  • You will miss Wal-Mart.  I would love to be able to roam the aisles of Brunswick's Wal-Mart right about now.
  • Your husband will do anything to entertain himself (and you).  This includes everything from bustin' rhymes, "I'm the J-D-O-Double G"  to pretending the IV pole is microphone and he is Steven Tyler.  It's a riot.  I love it, but
  • You will tell your husband to "Shut-up" with love of course.  It can be too much when someone with lots of energy is working on their American Idol audition tape and all  you can do is sit and watch, trapped.
  • Mealtime is the ultimate chore.  What do you want to eat, what restaurants are in the area, what's on their menu, what's the price point, how do you get there and then the dreaded "wait time".  Be careful whose culinary advice you take too.
  • The residents, nurses and techs quickly become extended family.  Having ruptured membranes is a long term gig.  Engage in conversation.  We've had so much fun learning about everyone; where they are from, about their children, school plans, etc.  I think they look forward to Finley's visits as much as we do too!
  • Have someone bring you Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • If you have children and they visit, go ahead and resign yourself to the fact they are going to touch the floor.  That's where the hand sanitizer comes in handy.
  • Speaking of children, when they visit the "no junk food diet" is out the window.  We attempted to keep the groceries out of Fin's sights the first few visits, but now we have a pantry full of "sweet" gifts.   Finley's radar goes off immediately.
  • Pregnancy brain is magnified when you are stuck inside four walls, all day, all night.  This week I had a twenty minute conversation with Suzanne Akins thinking I was talking to Susie Harmon.  I also wished my dear friend Meredith Happy Birthday a month too early (I posted on FB and all).
  • You're not nuts if you ask for a coloring book and crayons.
  • Every meal is eaten in bed.  Note to Finley and Breaker:  On Mother's Day I NEVER want breakfast in bed (unless you're eating with me!)  Nothing is more disgusting than crumbs in the bed.  Gross.
  • Ask for help OR your IV tubing, IV electrical cord, oxygen cannula, plexi boot cord, fetal heart monitor transducers and television changer will become a tangled mess.
I guess that's about it for now.  I'm sure more advice? will become apparent over the next three weeks.  Oh, and by the way, we received exciting news from Dr. Justice tonight (one of our favorite residents).  No matter what I will deliver at 34weeks!  At this point of gestation prolonging pregnancy is a greater risk than benefit.  So three weeks is truly our ultimate goal.  We know we'll meet Breaker Howston at that point!  Until tonight we thought bed rest could last indefinitely.  Now we have a ultimate goal and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sonogram post-poned until tomorrow due to the holiday.  Can't wait to share the deets!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Jarrett and I may be missing Memorial Day Festivities, but it's still sunny in our room.  We've got the blinds open as much as possible (terrible glare) and we've already had lots of visitors today!  Chris Thomas stopped by this morning.  It was nice to have more testosterone in the room.  I'm glad J had "man" conversation.  Bless his heart, he has listened to enough gal chat to last until at least next year.  Chris brought fab magazines too.  Can't wait to get to them.  The best part though, had to be the hilarious stories about his precious children.  He has some cute ones!

Then we got a big surprise:  Eli and Sam came to visit with Beebe and Big Daddy!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Somehow they made it through the red tape.  It was like being at home.  They were into the snacks and inspecting to the room for hidden treasures.  I soaked-up as much as possible.  Now all I need is a dose of my Emily.  That'll be tricky, but new pics will do (hint-hint :))

Finley and the Bridges are on their way too!  Can't wait!

Oh and we never could get the video of the room downloaded.  I'll do another one soon.  It's quite the interior design masterpiece.  I don't want you all to miss out.

Holla later--C

Saturday, May 28, 2011

31 never looked so good!

We've met another goal:  Breaker is 31 weeks in the belly today!  It's your prayer and God's grace that has gotten us this far.  Thank you, thank you!  Our next goal rolls around Monday.  We have an ultrasound.  Breaker will have another anatomy scan and weight calculation.  I can't wait to see how much he weighs.   He could be well over three pounds.  Hoping so!  We'll letcha know.

I made a video of lovely room 215, but can't find it downloaded on J's computer.  When I figure it out, I'll post it.  I have pics of the amazing hospital gown Courtney Donovan made me too.  It's A-mazing.  You'll want to place an order for the moms-to-be in your life.  Can't wait for you to see!

I'm not blue today, but definitely missing the Memorial Day Weekend plans we had made.  Our dear friends Kim & Jonathan McCarty and their precious baby girl, Bella, leave for Singapore (for three years) June 4th.  Jarrett and I were throwing them a farewell party tonight, cancelled.  Such a bummer.  They're are also vacationing around the corner from us.  I miss spending time with them. 

One of my precious sorority sisters, Janie Grinnell, is headed to SSI too.  I haven't seen her in such a long time and was looking forward to meeting her husband, Justin, and their baby boy, Davis.  She's pregnant too!   I love seeing baby bumps.  I'll miss them.

SSI is a tourist destination so I have even one more group of friends headed south:  Paul, Molly and Anna Justice (and several of Anna's friends)!  It's crazy!  I was Anna's babysitter when I went to Georgia.  We have kept in touch and I love them all to pieces.  They come every summer, sometimes two times.  I hope they make the trip again this year.  Anna is headed into her senior year at Athens Academy and I gotta see her as much as I can!  Molly and Paul are like my big brother and sister.  I love to get insight and learn from them.  On top of all of that they are way fun to hang out with!

I guess that's about it for now.  I'll be back later when J helps me find the video and pictures.  Two blogs in one day--LOOKOUT!

Oh and we have congrats to send out too!  Tracy and Nick Toth welcomed twin baby girls into the world on Thursday.  Big Sis' Susie has two new playmates!  And Cara and Jason Tankersley welcomed a new baby boy into the world yesterday.  It's baby central around here!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, sweet treats and the pre-term labor treadmill

I don't know where to begin to express thanksgiving to all of you guys.  Precious family and friends who bless Jarrett and me daily.  Jarrett and I are beginning to feel a little worn by our stay at Memorial, but you all continue to send us words of encouragement and "treats" that lift our spirits or (to use my favorite analogy)keep me running on this treadmill called pre-term labor. 

Yep that's my crazy way of picturing the journey:  On a pre-term labor treadmill.  We're learning to take it a day at a time and a week at a time.  I am overwhelmed when the nurses say, "Only three more weeks!"  It is very exciting.  We're halfway to the ultimate goal on Saturday, but wow, three more weeks in the bed, hooked up to machines?  Jeez.  I have to stop and regroup, picture the treadmill at SSI Health & Fitness in my head:  Five more minutes, one more lap.  That has been my prayer tonight; that Jarrett and me and all of those in the trenches with us will wake up to start anew tomorrow, like we've only been here a few days and this adventure is new.

I've got pictures to take so you guys can see some of the sweet treats we've received.  There's some precious baby clothes, flowers, snacks, even a handmade hospital gown.  I was hoping to get pictures today, but somehow things were busier than we thought.  I had three episodes of regular contractions that Breaker didn't like too much.  We had visitors too!  The visitors hit the spot today :)

As did this precious post from our brother-in-law, David Herndon.  I'll treasure his words forever.  If you can, check it out.  Here is the address: .  Those of you who know David know he has an incredible way with words.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.  We feel 'em!!  Much love--C

Monday, May 23, 2011

No more hang-ups on the middle

Jarrett and I have debated Breaker's middle name for over a week now.  What in the world has our hang-up been?  I won't bore you with the details.  Here it is:  Breaker Howston Bridges! 

Here's the story.  I have loved the name "Houston" (pronounced How-ston) for years.  It all began with a trip to Manhattan when I was corrected on my pronunciation by one of the street policemen.  I thought it was the coolest.  Well, come to find out, the street is actually named after William Churchill Houstoun a lawyer from Savannah.  How cool is that?  He married a lady from New York.  He was also a member of the Constitutional Convention.

Jarrett was concerned about the pronunciation and did further research.  "Howston" is the original Scottish spelling and clears up any confusion, hopefully, on how to say Breaker Howston Bridges!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quirky Observations

These are a few quirks we've encountered since we've been here.  I'm not being bitter.  I am so grateful for where we are!  Just a few interesting observations :)

We have had AWESOME nursing care.  I have been learning lots, however, there are always a few in the staff mix whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.  Brutal I know, but honest.  On night thirteen my nurse ask me if my membranes were ruptured.  Hum. . . thank goodness I knew Joan (one of our faves) was outside watching the monitors too.  Last night our nurse informed us that she only works one day a week.  She was a little shaky about procedures and talked to herself as she walked out of the room.  I'm guessing she only works one shift to subsidize her social security.  I'm not hating on older adults.  This was odd.  I was very thankful when we hit 0400 and the night had been uneventful.

The medical students, for the most part, have been a pleasure.  They can use me to learn no prob, but number one do not be condescending.  There is one chic who has seen me multiple times and is determined to make sure I know she's brighter than me.  She loves to use medical terminology to see if I know what it means.  "Have you had any dysuria?"  Really, would you say that to the patient next door?  Don't test the nurse.  She got caught in her "professional" act by Dr.Royek.  All My Children is usually on when he visits.  She came bopping in and turned the TV off (no one does this).  He said, "Oh!  I was actually interested in that!"  Boo-ya.  I think Dr. Royek has a secret passion for AMC.  He couldn't believe Susan Lucci was getting the axe and said, "That's just unAmerican!"  There is also a male med student I can't quite get a read on.  He seems to be a smooth operator.  He schmoozes Jarrett, wears lots of cologne and today told me, "You look good, really good."  It is a kind statement, but something about his inflection changed the connotation.  It wasn't like Dr. Strickland or Dr. Brock reassuring me that I do not look like a pastie ghost.  It was weird.  Jarrett rolled over in his "bed" and joined the conversation, thank goodness.

Daily weights should not be done at nine o'clock at night.  Especially not on a girl who is obviously weight conscious and physically active and is now stuck in the bed with eating as one of her few "activities".

We've been here over two weeks now.  My food is the only food in the fridge.  Jarrett is not going to "tamper" with any one's belongings.

Momma doesn't like it when you "shush" her man.

"This is what you call a maxi-pad?"  Yes Jarrett and we should have bought stock in the company.

If you have to go to the bathroom and choose to use mine, beware.  It's not dirty, but I have to collect my urine for the nurses and save things for them to see (use your imagination).  It's part of being in the hospital.  Girls, y'all get it.  Guys, use the toilet down the hall.  I hate to be that kind of hostess, but it will make the situation a lot more comfortable.

We're not obnoxious, but we have moved in!  We're down for the count, four more weeks.  We have two TVs (one is so old we couldn't hook-up the DVD), two laptops, pictures, Finley's artwork, a coffee maker and anything else remotely like home and movable. 

I hope this blog doesn't come across as bitter.  Just a few fun observations, not hang-ups.  These things make J and me laugh!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Facts on Friday

So many things that have happened since May 7th I want to share with you guys.  Things I've learned and experienced over the last two weeks:

1.  Premature rupture of membrane madness started at the Frederica Academy Derby Day Party.  Jarrett and I were literally there for fifteen minutes.  I thought I had wet my pants :)

2.  Dr. Strickland is one fast-movin' brotha in a crisis situation.  He moves at the speed of light on a normal basis, but in triage he was like Lightenin' McQueen.  Along with Venus, Corbett, Kamini and the other precious MNC nurses we were outta there and headed to Savannah in less than an hour.  (Venus your IV access lasted four days--great stick!)

3.  Jarrett could not ride with me in the ambulance.  Instead I had the company of an absolute Dilbert.  I shouldn't be so ugly, Beebe raised me better, but here are a few of his comments:  "Wow.  It was really chaotic in there.  It's never like that and I do this all the time."  "So you're an OB nurse.  You could probably teach me a few things"  "This is your second child.  You know what it feels like to crown."  "Do you know 'so and so' from Kingsland?"  Really?  I'm normally a chatty southern belle, but this was not the time.  The ride seemed brief, thank goodness; and I didn't have to deliver my own child like I kept imagining.

4.  Whitney and Amanda are hot-rods.  They beat me to Memorial!

5.  Memorial University Hospital,Savannah.  Wow these folks do this ALL the time.  Several of my nurses have practiced High Risk Pregnancy (HRP) for over seventeen years.  That's comforting.  They quickly instructed me to turn the fetal heart monitor down and let them do the watching.  I've slept through several contractions thanks to them.  Dr. Adams, Chief Resident, reassured me the longest part of an emergency C-Section is the ride from the patient's room to the OR.

6.  To go to the bathroom I unvelcro plexi boots, remove an oxygen canula and unplug the fetal heart monitor.  Once I'm out of the bed I unplug the IV pump, wrap the monitor around my neck and head to the jon:)  Oh and look out for the TV/Nurse Call remote.  It gets tangled in the IV tubing.

7.  I've been instructed to drink lots, but don't let my bladder get too full because it stimulates contractions.  Poor Amanda has seen my lovely hospital skivvies several times during her visits, bless her heart.  They're kind of like shorts, comfortable, wedgie free, but would definitely cause a VPL.

8.  TV in the middle of the night has progressed since Finley was born.  Nick@Nite, The Hallmark Channel, TLC and a few others have around-the-clock programming.  If I do happen to wake-up at two in the morning there's entertainment!  I hate feeling like the only one awake in the hospital.  TV is comforting.

9.  I thought I was addicted to Facebook. . . now it's beyond addiction.  It's my connection the world, seriously.  I shouldn't be so dependent on social media.

10.  The nurses here have inspired me to be a better nurse.  I'm ready to hit the ground running as soon as I can at SE OB-GYN.  I miss the gals, Drs. Strickland, Brock and Gowen so much.  I think I miss DIGI chart just a little bit too.

11.  Oh!  We found out it's a boy!  We haven't been able to see "it" with our own eyes, but Doc says "it" is there.  I hope he's right because we're in boy mode.  I'm excited to learn what it's like to be the momma of a boy.  Aunt Whi and Aunt Amanda have started the wardrobe!

12.  His name is Breaker.  Jarrett and I can't decide on a middle name, but Breaker is for sure.  Reese Haley wanted to know if it's "Breaker" because my water "broke" early.  Crazy dude :)

14.  Jarrett is a trooper.  He has to feel like Jeffrey from Fresh Prince at times.

15.  Beebe and Big Daddy have a new roomie.  Finley has been with them from the beginning.  She's eating carrot sticks and spaghetti. . .we'll see what Bid Daddy has teaches her. . . Major props to the folks too for being road warriors.  They drove to Rome and back in one day to make it to Savannah when I called with the news.

16.  I have made it through Coke Zero withdrawals.  It has been heartbreaking to let go of my favorite beverage.  I can't have caffeine and that includes chocolate.  Caffeine = Contractions.

17.  Hospital meals are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.  Most of the time they get my order right, but sometimes I don't think they understand English.

I hope this hasn't been too boring.  I have great ideas in my head that don't always translate on the blog.  As soon as I it "publish" something will pop up.  I hope this catches you guys up on some of the details.  I'll blog in the present from now on!

Much love!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Momma's back

Hey Guys!
It's Court! I know you've been enjoying my man's take on this sitch, but it's momma's turn now :).
In all seriousness, I haven't been much for words lately and Jarrett has truly been pulling the load. I'd start to type and hospital staff would pop-in(vitals, not on the monitor, blood draw, etc.) or Breaker would move or not like my position, or I'd have the dreaded fluid leak. It's so much easier to bake a baby on your feet! To say our family misses normalcy would be an understatement. I have a hard time believing I've been in the bed for almost two weeks-craziness.

God has blessed me (and the fam) with a sense of peace. Remarkably the days go by fairly quickly and it doesn't feel like it's been two weeks. As far as looking ahead, we set mini-goals. It's not as daunting to countdown to weekly sonograms and gestational milestones. At first six weeks was overwhelming, but now we can envision it.

I'm pretty certain we've made it this far because of the precious family and friends (AKA angels) God has put in our lives and given us the privilege of crossing paths with. You guys reading have been sustainers. We feel prayers without a doubt.

We can't thank everyone enough for their prayers, visits, emails, FB posts, Tweets,etc. I could go on and on! I'm being a little mushy:). Y'all may be ready for Jarrett to take over!
I want go on any more. But just know we love you all lots and are so thankful for your presence in our lives.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 2 has begun

We have had a good weekend with some great visits from friends and family. We are amazed at the support and prayers from everyone. Finley has been staying busy with both sets of grandparents and we REALLY miss her each day. She has been here three times and really likes seeing all the babies, she already is talking about giving Baby 2 a bottle.

Courtney still feels well getting good rest each night. The doctors visit with us each morning with the diagnosis of wait and see. We tell everyone "it's the same".

So keep this prayers coming for Court and the baby. Court literally hasn't left the bed in over a week. He longest trip is 5 feet to take a shower. But she is being so strong, so PROUD of her.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Makes It a Week

So our Savannah journey started last Saturday at a Derby Day Party and I am proud to say our crew has made it a week.  So we now have accomplished our goal of being here a week.  It actually has gone by fairly fast and we are now hunting weeks so next Saturday is our new target.  Our room is one of the smaller ones in the unit and we have kept it very organized.  We have been blessed w/ snacks, magazines, sweets, and some flowers.  We have enjoyed getting to know our nurses each day.  I think this hospital has an amazing group of people in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit. 

Courtney has been doing well and has really kept her spirits up all week.  I am so proud of how tough she has been through this whole process--she is taking care of business.  We have visits from our Doctors each morning and night.  During the other moments she is resting, checking our the Internet, watching wedding shows on TLC, and coloring in her Hello Kitty book (that's right, for some reason coloring is a stress reliever for her).  She has to wear some compressions boots each night that shoots air into them every three seconds.  When these boots are not tight enough an alarm goes off every two seconds.  Last night I almost threw them through the window as they were malfunctioning and we heard the alarm for over two hours--Court and I actually slept through most of it.

We have also had some great visits from family and friends.  Amanda Holt served up just what Courtney needed on Thursday in some quality girl time.

So we continue this experience thanking God for each day as an amazing gift for Baby B to develop. Thanks for the prayers and we'll keep updating soon!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Nice Visit

Day #4 is passing by and we have had a our typical day which is good.  Not trying to jinx anything so this update is about our nice visit today.  When you occupy a total of 150 square feet any and all visits are a blessings.  Our fist visit was from Betsy and Lauren Turner and they left some solid poundcake behind.

The second and last visit was from Dr. Bridges;  Dr. Finley Bridges that is!  She even wore her stethescope that was pink.  Finley also enjoyed watching a new born has his "KuKah" washed.  So the entertainment tonight was provided by the Dr. and it was awesome hanging with our daughter.

Court's doing well and again we are taking it day by day.  Keep Praying!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We love eating out! (actually just J)

As day #3 ends in Memorial, it is becoming clear that we love to eat out! From chicken sandwiches to hamburgers, we are getting our grub on. It actually seems that all we do is watch tv and eat. Courtney is doing well and eating healthy as always-always so disciplined.

With the stress and uncertainty of our situation, I am feeling so blessed to have this special time with my wife. Whether it's discussing her soap operas or watching Kathy Lee and Hoda, it just enjoyable because it's us! We are learning a lot through this situation and I know we will learn even more as God leads us. So we are doing well, Baby B is doing well and we see each day as a wonderful gift from God to our family.


Goal #1 Accomplished

As Courtney starts day #3 in Savannah, we are proud to have accomplished our first goal. We wanted to make it through 7:15 pm on Monday and we did. This mans that the steroid shots were allowed to fully develop Baby B's lungs. Our next goal is to get to Friday.

We have been blessed with tons of prayers and calls and are so thankful for the support! Courtney is doing well and has been so strong since all this started Saturday. We have kept Finley on her routine and have even been able to see her twice. She has been great with everything and is behaving for Bebe nag Big Daddy.

Some other info:
Baby B weighs 2 lbs 14 oz.
Court is 28 wks and 3 days
We are in room 208 at Memorial in Savannah

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Savannah's Our New Home

So Saturday Court and I experienced a change of plans with Baby B. Courtney is at 28 weeks and her water broke on Saturday afternoon. It definitely caught us by surprise and within a couple of hours she was wisked away to Savannah in an ambulance.

We want to use this blog as a vehicle to communicate what is going on each day. Our first goal is to get through Monday night. At 7:15 pm the baby's lungs should be fully developed as a result of two steroid shots. Once we accomplish this goal we are striving to keep the baby in the swimming pool for the next 6 weeks. After that, the baby will in NICU possibly for another 4 weeks.

We plan on many more nights in our new home! Please keep praying!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby #2 is on the way!

I'm feeling more pregnant every day (the belly is ginormous) and it's way past time for this bun in the oven to get blog time.  I have had to start a new blog thanks to an email-hacker.  It's been an ordeal.  So Jarrett, Finley, Baby B#2 & I are starting fresh!

This first post is brief because I'm trying to figure out the new system.  There are all kinds of new gadgets since I last blogged.  I've been caught up in the, somewhat meaningless, world of Facebook & Twitter.  These social networks aren't a total wast of time.  I keep up with dear friends who are near and far, but sometimes I do get a bit stalkerish.  I can't help it.  It's my inner news reporter coming out?  I want deets :)

I digress.  Sorry.  I'm going to try and get a few pics up and then I gotta work on chores--yuck.