Thursday, September 8, 2011

Randomness from Timmons

It is some craziness up in here.  Colic is a beast, not like Beauty & The Beast (had to explain that to Fin), but a real beast.  You never know when it's going to strike.  We thought things were getting worse instead of better this week, but after a trip to Aljabi's office today we now know poor little man has a double ear infection.  Yes, I am a nurse, but don't own an otoscope.  None of the other signs were there.  The bright side is maybe Breaker is getting over colic.  It's just his ears?  We'll see when the Amoxicillin is complete.

The second crazy is our little lady, Miss Finley Bridges herself.  This house exists for her to watch princess movies, eat gummies, drink Arnold Palmer,  smush Play-Dough, color on with permanent markers and scream at the top of her lungs. . . or at least this is what she thinks.  Enter Montesorri Christian Schoolhouse and the answer to momma's prayer!  Miss Sandra and Mr. Robert are working miracles. Finley has started picking up after herself and pushing her chair in.  OMG.  We have been making lots of "treat" trips lately.

Let's see what else?  I think I should do a "Sonal" list of the month's tops.

Listening to:  The Black Eyed Peas, again.  Boom Boom Pow soothes Breaker just like it did Finley.

Eating:  YOBE!!  Our family is obsessed with Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhich.

Watching:  Not much of anything. . .some Big Brother, some Rachel Zoe, some Flipping Out, the Weather Channel (it's hurricane season) and of course Disney Princess Sing Along.  Oh! How could I forget last weekends's discovery--RIO!  Love it.

Wearing:  Scrubs again, but in fall colors.  Um. .  .running shoes I got while I was on bedrest :) 

Reading:  Who What Wear blog, AWOHHN Vitals, Ladybug Girl and  Beauty & The Beast.  I'm aching to get going on The Help.  Oh and there was a touch of Strong Willed Child at the beginning of August.

Favorite Family Activity:  FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL! 

I better jet.  It's past my bed time.  Gonna be back sooner next time.

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