Friday, September 23, 2011

You can call at 1:00 now

Jarrett called at 1:45 today.  What was he thinking?  It was the finale of all finales.  All My Children aired its last episode today.  Jarrett thought I had lost my mind, but it was no time for a "check-in" on how the day was going.   Mom and I were glued and don't know how Breaker slept through it all.  It was a the perfect "soap" finale; characters came back from the dead, women were popping up preggers, lots of bling being placed on the left hand, sight returned to the blind, the perfect couples were finally happily ever after . . .and then the twist:  Who did JR shoot?  It's not, "Who shot JR?" anymore.  I'm pretty sure it was Erica.  She was in the line of fire and Susan Lucci did not sign a contract to do webisodes.  Nothing gets past E! News.  So that's it.  After thirty-two years no more AMC for me.  I don't know what will replace my and mom's one o'clock lunch date TV.  Mom has a lot of resentment towards The Chew and rightfully so.  I think she's watched AMC since, um, the beginning?  I don't want to give away any age secrets:)  ABC's cancellation is also going to cost the fam laughter too.  There was nothing like hearing Dad give his take on the AMC storyline (he's home for lunch at one sometimes too).  But he doesn't have much room to tease mom and me.  He liked the soap opera with vampires.  What?

So it's a wrap.  I'm sure you all will be anxiously awaiting to learn of our new one o'clock appointment TV.  I'm thinking something on Bravo . . .


  1. You know...Days of Our Lives does come on at 1:00. As terrible as it is, I've watched that since...well, since I was born b/c my mom didn't put me to sleep while it was on like I do my kids. :)

  2. I am a DAYS Girl, too. Been watching it for as long as I can remember. Try it and you will be hooked.