Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whatta weekend

It's Saturday night and I'm dreading Sunday, but for good reasons.  Our house has been buzzing with family since yesterday and I hate to see it come to an end.  Five-two-five Timmons Street will be under the Sunday blues tomorrow afternoon.  Thank goodness for the Primetime Emmy Awards.  They'll be momma's bright spot, bless dad's heart :)

Last night we went to the VHS v. BHS football game with Finley and Eli in tow.  Finley was so frightened of the band I thought we were only going to make it one quarter, but she rallied.  Eli was glued to Uncle J's side.  I couldn't help but tear up when I saw him with his arm around Jarrett.  He was taking it all in with Jarrett and his "Valdosta Boys".  Oh, and while releasing her fears Finley also released in her britches.  Thank goodness it was only number one.  I sat the entire second quarter and through halftime before realizing my pants were wet too.  The joys of motherhood!  I wouldn't have traded it for anything.  She was sitting so sweetly in my lap learning about the football game social scene :)

I was hoping last night was going to be Breaker's first football game, but after a trip to Dr. Aljabi's office and confirmation his poor little ears weren't quite better he got to spend QT with Beebe and Big Daddy.  Bless my little man's heart.  His left ear isn't quite putting up the fight like the right one.  Dr. Aljabi says it's still as red as it was last week.  He's on his second round of antibiotics along with ear drops this time.  Jarrett and I are praying they do the trick.  If not we're headed to the hospital for blood work and a urine culture on Monday.  He's been eating and sleeping like a champ though.  He's back on house arrest too.  I couldn't tell if Dr. Aljabi sensed my fear Friday.  I was praying in my head he wouldn't ask me about Breaker's activity outside the house.  Whew.

We heard from one of our NICU families this week too!  Jarrett got a letter from the Chad and Krista Kennedy at the office.  Both of their little girls are home now!  We hope to see them at the NICU reunion next month!  We lived with them at Ronald McDonald for a week and shared the same tight bond with the HRP nurses.  Man I miss our Savannah Family!  I hope we get to visit soon. . . maybe bring them some sweet treats.  Gigi's new fall menu is out . . . whatcha think HRP girls?!

I better run.  Speaking of sweet treats, Katie has sent me a pumpkin cupcake to try!  Nothing like a pregnant woman's baked goods :)

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