Sunday, September 18, 2011

Race time

Raising two children is kicking my butt.  I've told many of you, "I thought baby number two would just blend right into our family of three routine."  Psych.  Combo-ing Breaker with Finley has presented me (and Jarrett) with crazy new challenges.  These challenges are sweet blessings, but whoa.  I do everything like I'm running a race.  If it's not race time, I'm strategically planning the family routine down to when to load the car and what needs to be laid out where to trigger me to do what's next.  I sound neurotic, don't I?  But if I don't plan carefully we crash and burn fast around here.   Make bottles, lunches and have EVERYTHING laid out the night before.  We're figuring it out.  Kim Landers says to give it six months.  We've got three months under our belt.  I think we can make it.

All of the racing and planning has me very thankful for modern conveniences.  Below are my "mom" faves:

1.  Clorox wipes
2.  Gummies (they can be my worst nightmare too)
3.  Noisemakers
4.  Jogging strollers
5.  Portable DVD players
6.  iPhones
7.  Bottle/babyfood makers
8.  Pull-Ups
9.  Angel Monitors
10. Swaddlers
11.The Black Eyed Peas
12. Soothie pacifiers
13. "Squeezy" fruit
14. Gripe Water

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  1. You just wait until you go someplace and only have 1 for a bit. You will reach a point when you're so used to 2...that 1 seems like you're alone. :) If that even makes sense. It is a HUGE adjustment, but a good one...I'll be the first to tell you that. :)