Saturday, May 26, 2012

"I think she got it!"

It has never crossed my mind that not being in a dance recital would be just as fun as being in a dance recital.  It has crossed my mind, however, that I would pine for the good ol' days if I was blessed with a little dancer.  

Why do I ponder such ridiculous things?  Finley (and I) had blast practice "fruffing" with Beebe yesterday.  I thought we would face a battle.  On a normal day Finley runs when she sees me with a brush.  Maybe it was Beebe's magic touch, maybe it's Finley's inner performer, maybe I've passed on my desire to always look the part.  I'd like to think the latter, but the truth is Finley's willingness to let us gel, slick, spray, paint, gloss and finally squeeze her into her sparkling pink costume was all her desire to be a ballerina.  She gets all the credit.  I have never been more proud and I never imagined feeling such pride.  I'm learning a lot through this process.

When we made it to GA's auditorium Finley took the stage without bargaining.  Livie too.  Amanda and I couldn't believe our eyes.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The day has been amazing. Nothing like a family dinner of sandwiches and Mac-N-Cheese.

Fancy pics and blog to follow.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Only for my littlest man would I mix meatballs.

And only for "Break-Break" would she taste-test cookies.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I don't want no scrub

After a day of shopping/errands for his dedication luncheon, Breaker needed a serious scrub.

Sister needed scrubbing too. Only hers was the nitty, gritty beach kind. She spent the entire afternoon at the beach with her cousins, Beebe and Big Daddy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just in time for summer Finley has fallen in love with cruising.  Yep.  The radio may be as low as it can go without being off, but if she faintly hears Katie Perry, Lady GaGa or Rihanna she yells up to me, "Mom!  Let's cruise!"

I love it.  It makes me miss the Cabriolet.  I've tried to explain convertibles to her, but she doesn't understand.  Windows are just as dreamy to her at this point.

Last night we had an impromptu cruise on the way home from dinner.  I had to hide to get a picture.  Fin heard Edge of Glory and we shared our pass time with Jarrett and Breaker.

Happy 11MO Birthday!

And he is just like daddy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blast from the past

SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2011

Savannah's Our New Home

So Saturday Court and I experienced a change of plans with Baby B. Courtney is at 28 weeks and her water broke on Saturday afternoon. It definitely caught us by surprise and within a couple of hours she was wisked away to Savannah in an ambulance.

We want to use this blog as a vehicle to communicate what is going on each day. Our first goal is to get through Monday night. At 7:15 pm the baby's lungs should be fully developed as a result of two steroid shots. Once we accomplish this goal we are striving to keep the baby in the swimming pool for the next 6 weeks. After that, the baby will in NICU possibly for another 4 weeks.

We plan on many more nights in our new home! Please keep praying!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'll have another

Derby Day 2012 was, in Sarah Husser's words, "FABULOUS!"  Jarrett and I had a wonderful time.  We never checked our watches.  It was eight o'clock before we knew it.  We had to skat to make dinner reservations.

The "Before Party" was lots of fun too.  Jarrett let me sleep late (0730, Fin gets going at 0630) and get in a jog.  He wanted to send Finley and me to get our nails done at Rosalee's, but she needed me to be hands-on.  A pregnant gal came in for a pedicure.  Just like me last year.  I love God winks.

Friday, May 4, 2012

"This time last year . . ."

I'm going to try not to say it too much in the coming days, but I'll probably say it more than friends and family want to hear. Bless all of your hearts in advance.

Tonight starts the memory train back to this time last year, the night before my water broke early.

Just like last year, Finley and I went to Trackapalooza. This year we had Eli, our second grade track star, to cheer for. Beebe and Breaker were in tow too and all of our "ca-sins", Aunt Whi, Uncle David, Miss Kaye & Dan were there. It was a special night. Breaker was frightened by our cheers, but all was well when he got the chance to roll around in the grass.

It's surreal. A year ago tonight I had no idea how my life would forever change the next day.