Friday, May 4, 2012

"This time last year . . ."

I'm going to try not to say it too much in the coming days, but I'll probably say it more than friends and family want to hear. Bless all of your hearts in advance.

Tonight starts the memory train back to this time last year, the night before my water broke early.

Just like last year, Finley and I went to Trackapalooza. This year we had Eli, our second grade track star, to cheer for. Beebe and Breaker were in tow too and all of our "ca-sins", Aunt Whi, Uncle David, Miss Kaye & Dan were there. It was a special night. Breaker was frightened by our cheers, but all was well when he got the chance to roll around in the grass.

It's surreal. A year ago tonight I had no idea how my life would forever change the next day.

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