Saturday, May 26, 2012

"I think she got it!"

It has never crossed my mind that not being in a dance recital would be just as fun as being in a dance recital.  It has crossed my mind, however, that I would pine for the good ol' days if I was blessed with a little dancer.  

Why do I ponder such ridiculous things?  Finley (and I) had blast practice "fruffing" with Beebe yesterday.  I thought we would face a battle.  On a normal day Finley runs when she sees me with a brush.  Maybe it was Beebe's magic touch, maybe it's Finley's inner performer, maybe I've passed on my desire to always look the part.  I'd like to think the latter, but the truth is Finley's willingness to let us gel, slick, spray, paint, gloss and finally squeeze her into her sparkling pink costume was all her desire to be a ballerina.  She gets all the credit.  I have never been more proud and I never imagined feeling such pride.  I'm learning a lot through this process.

When we made it to GA's auditorium Finley took the stage without bargaining.  Livie too.  Amanda and I couldn't believe our eyes.  

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