Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six weeks and counting. . .

. . . and Lucy Kate Bridges will be here!!  Jarrett and I loaded-up the crew and traveled to Valdosta to celebrate her arrival this past weekend.  It was a wonderful time FULL of family moments.  Katie looks wonderful.  She was a hot momma in her coral maternity top despite a wardrobe malfunction :).

Finley ran and ran (and ran) during the party Saturday night.  She slept like a log.  I'm guessing cousin Larkyn did too.  They definitely wore the older gals out.  Megan and Garland were so kind to oblige them in a game of "get me".  Breaker missed this action.  He saved his energy for the wee hours of the morning.  I've never, ever let an infant sleep in the bed.  One eye was open all night.

Finley is especially excited about LKB's arrival because she will finally be the "big" cousin.  She's going to be like Eli, whom she adores.  She's not taking this responsibility lightly.  Tonight at supper she prayed, "Dear God, please be with Lucy Kate.  And let her come of out of Aunt Katie's belly."  Jarrett and I were tickled.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My MAC Artist

My girl is not your typical three-year-old artist.  She digs her paints and markers, but she'll take eyeshadow, blush and lipstick over Crayola any day.  Much to Jarrett's dismay Finley has a passion for all things powder, gel and gloss.  It all started during the search for entertainment when she visited us in Savannah.  It seemed harmless at the time, but has sense turned into an obsession.  Finley considers makeup application one of her "works" from school.

I let her have a hand at my face last night.  Wow.  Good thing she knows the makeup artist code:  Do not show a client his or her face until complete.  I think she was going for Lady Gaga (one of her muse), but I look more like a member of KISS.

I'm hoping her current love saves me heartache in the future.  She's developing her skills so that one day, say sixteen, she'll be a pro.  She can skip the makeup mishaps so many of us make as teens (orange face, tarantula eyes, frosted lips).  This is the stance I take when she asks Jarrett if she can "paint" his face.

On a side note:  Finley's makeup passion makes me think of Nana.  I'll never forget the time I had my eyes done at the MAC counter in Valdosta.  When I asked Nana for her opinion she asked, "Who hit you in the eye?"  Ironically the palette Finley is using is the one I bought that day :).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Could I have imagined?

Tonight at dinner as I tried to get Finley to sit still, preferably on her bottom, but we compromised on her knees, Jarrrett asks me, "Did you ever think we'd have children like this seven years ago?"  I said yep.  This may not have been an honest answer, but I did wish for children just like the ones I babysat (the Welborns).  I think Finley is following closely in their footsteps.  She's a combo of them all at this point.  She loves her bling, her animals, all things Disney and if she could run, jump and play all day it would be just fine by her standards. She is about three handfuls.  I love that she wears me out.  I love that at the end of the day I'm beat from entertaining her and Breaker.

Breaker is the easy child for the time being.  Only time will tell how much daily activity he will require.  The way he adoringly watches Finley, I can only imagine.  He's not interested in sitting up, but if he knew it was a step toward chasing his sister he would have sat up months ago.  He looks at Finley with such admiration it almost breaks my heart.  I think he'd rather sit in her lap than mine.  I may provide food and a roof over his head, but he'll take the show girl.  Jeez.

We go see Dr. Aljabi tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how much little man weighs.  He's got to be pushing 23lbs.  I've put the Baby Bjorn to use, but man, he's still a chunk.  My shoulders ache.

I'm not sure what I was thinking (considering Breaker's girth) but I decided to give potatoes a try this week.  To Jarrett's dismay he doesn't like them.  I'll keep trying, but it's the first food he has spit back at me.  Poor Jarrett, he needs a steak and potato partner.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Times Two

One of my biggest mom fears is not doing for one child what I did for the other.  Before Christmas I literally made a list of Finley's Christmas mementos to be sure Breaker has the same.  I'm almost a nervous wreck over it.  Life changes when you go from no children to one child, but it changes dramatically when you go from one child to two.

It never fails.  I'm playing baby games with Breaker and catch Finley looking on with those sweet puppy dog eyes.  Thank goodness for the gift of gab.  There is always a way to incorporate her in the moment.  She makes it easy for me, bless her little heart.  She ADORES Breaker.  I'm not saying she doesn't find mischievous ways to divert attention to herself, but if she kisses Breaker once, she kisses him ten times during the day.  I hear her mimic my calming words to him.  She's a caregiver.  . .possibly a nurse one day :)?  

Part of the reason for Bridges Chatter is to chronicle Finley and Breaker's childhood milestones.  That being said it's time to give my little man screen time.

Breaker has grown so much I can no longer hold him and work.  I can lift and do easy chores, but it has to be quick.  He starts to slide right out of my arms.  What's a mom  to do?  I'm up for suggestions.  Maybe the Baby Bjorn?  It's a whole new world to me.  Breaker is wearing clothes now that Finley wore at a year-old (unisex stripe onesies, no worries guys).  His girth is throwing kinks in my bargain shopping as well.  I'm afraid to buy ahead for the next season.

As far as sleeping little man is doing fairly well.  I don't want to jinx myself though.  He's on night three of a regular sleep sack.  Jarrett and I decided it was time to retire the beloved swaddling blanket.  He has his own noise machine now too.  It projects the time onto the ceiling.  Seriously wanting one for our room.  I shouldn't want to know that it's one in the morning and I'm up pacifying my son, but it provides some kind of comfort?  I don't know?  B  likes it.  He's a light man like his mom.  (Mom, Dad and Whit, remember how I used to make you all sleep with that horribly bright hall light blazing through the night?  Bless your hearts.).

Solid foods are progressing well too.  He is getting a homemade veggie Finley did not.  Tomorrow will be his first taste of zucchini.  I'm excited.  It's one of our family faves.  I think mixing it with sweet potatoes should seal the deal.  Dr. Aljabi will be proud of me for trying the spongy green stuff (I think).  He encouraged me to stay away from sweet tasting foods (the ones I gravitate to).

I'm especially tickled tonight because Finley was more interested in the Golden Globes than ever before.  We've tuned in since she was three months old.  She actually watched about thirty minutes of E!'s Red Carpet.  Of course it was under the premise the actors were princesses.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Between Five & Seven

Breaker turned seven months old (chronologically) yesterday!  At our house that means it's time for a "Half" Birthday Party.  The guests of honor can't eat cake yet, but we can :)  Since Breaker's adjusted age is five months-old we thought it was the perfect halfway spot.

Finley started planning his cake last Sunday.  She conceded on the idea of a Minnie Mouse cake, but convinced Breaker purple is for boys too. 

So what's been going on in my little man's life over the past seven months?  Let me think back. . . 

June:  Home to Timmons Street.  I have a feeling life in the step-down nursery was more peaceful than life with Finley.

July:  Nutramigen on the menu. Colic decided to rare its ugly head.  Science diet to the rescue.

August:  QT with Beebe and Emily.  Back to work for me.

September:  First ever football game at Glynn County Stadium.  Go Terrors!

October:  Halloween and a double ear infection.  The "Beast" costume Beebe sewed somehow? still fits.  He gets to wear it to Emily's Cinderella Birthday Party in few weeks.

November:  I literally squeezed him into his special Thanksgiving outfit.  Thank goodness he didn't have to worry about Turkey Day bloat (and that his dad wasn't around while I dressed him).

December:  First trips to Rome and Valdosta.  Whew.  The awesome family time was worth the interruptions in sleep.  Two front teeth eventually pushed through.  Peas and carrots made meal rotation.  Peas=gagging, carrots=orange cheeks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hidden Agendas

Where did I get the crazy idea that when the world got back from the holidays my children would take notice?   For the second night in a row I couldn't tell you what I had for dinner, much less what transpired between five o'clock and bed time.  Finley wants Jarrett and me to inhale our meals so she can move on to dessert.  She's expecting some magnificent Christmas baked good or maybe she'll push for a Popsicle with gummies.  Fortunately the baked goods are outtie and she's learning she can have one treat after finishing her food.  Yep, Jarrett's working on that one.  I'm not a fan of the clean your plate club, but we've compromised and Finley has to eat most of her dinner before "treats".

Meanwhile Breaker thinks every night is New Year's Eve.  Party at his crib at three a.m.  He was sleeping through the night (mostly), but has recently developed a new social agenda.  Tonight he has new noise machine.  We're hoping this party rocker holds tight until at least six in the morning. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Seriously, seriously, I am going to be a better blogger in 2012.  After hearing Brooke Vollaster's closing at church yesterday I've decided that my words for the year are discipline and diligence.  In my personal life I tend to be a procrastinator (not always, but often).  That's why I've chosen these two words.  I want to be "on the ball" for J, Fin and B-man.

The Christmas Season was a blessing.  We were able to travel to Rome and Valdosta and have old school family Christmases.  Rome was a shorter trip than anticipated.  We were there less than twenty-four  hours.  I had such a hard time making the call to come home midday Saturday.  With the challenges and gifts we've received throughout 2011 I was really hoping to get more time with my grandparents.  I wanted to soak up as much of their attention as possible.  Yep, I wanted it to be about me for a few minutes (like any grandchild does).  Breaker and Finley had other ideas.  Breaker couldn't sleep and Finley couldn't handle sugar and ALL of her cousins at the same time (and her Aunt Gail, Uncle Eddie, Savannah, great grandparents, etc.).  She LOVES going to stay at her Aunt Gail's house.  She can't get enough of that sweet, sweet attention from Aunt Gail.  This year Finley understood Mel&Mimi's too.  She wanted to make the jewelry room her new home.  I thought I was going to pass out trying to keep the jewels on display and off of her three-year-old neck, fingers and wrists.

Valdosta was busy, but not quite as wild as Rome.  Finley and Breaker got QT with Aunt Katie and Uncle Sim.  Juju made a fab Christmas Adam dinner and Christmas Eve breakfast.  Finley wasn't sure about pigs-in-a-blanket, but I'm sure Uncle Sim will have her convinced of their goodness eventually :).  Seeing Katie and her precious baby bump was priceless.  It was fun opening presents for Lucy Kate.  Only about three months to go and she'll be here!

Now that I've resigned to be a better blogger I'm having writers block.  I think of things to type throughout the day, but by the time everyone is in bed momma brain has taken over.  I can't remember or articulate much. 

So that's all for now, but there's more to come.  Maybe there's a blogspot app?