Sunday, January 22, 2012

Could I have imagined?

Tonight at dinner as I tried to get Finley to sit still, preferably on her bottom, but we compromised on her knees, Jarrrett asks me, "Did you ever think we'd have children like this seven years ago?"  I said yep.  This may not have been an honest answer, but I did wish for children just like the ones I babysat (the Welborns).  I think Finley is following closely in their footsteps.  She's a combo of them all at this point.  She loves her bling, her animals, all things Disney and if she could run, jump and play all day it would be just fine by her standards. She is about three handfuls.  I love that she wears me out.  I love that at the end of the day I'm beat from entertaining her and Breaker.

Breaker is the easy child for the time being.  Only time will tell how much daily activity he will require.  The way he adoringly watches Finley, I can only imagine.  He's not interested in sitting up, but if he knew it was a step toward chasing his sister he would have sat up months ago.  He looks at Finley with such admiration it almost breaks my heart.  I think he'd rather sit in her lap than mine.  I may provide food and a roof over his head, but he'll take the show girl.  Jeez.

We go see Dr. Aljabi tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how much little man weighs.  He's got to be pushing 23lbs.  I've put the Baby Bjorn to use, but man, he's still a chunk.  My shoulders ache.

I'm not sure what I was thinking (considering Breaker's girth) but I decided to give potatoes a try this week.  To Jarrett's dismay he doesn't like them.  I'll keep trying, but it's the first food he has spit back at me.  Poor Jarrett, he needs a steak and potato partner.

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