Sunday, January 15, 2012

Times Two

One of my biggest mom fears is not doing for one child what I did for the other.  Before Christmas I literally made a list of Finley's Christmas mementos to be sure Breaker has the same.  I'm almost a nervous wreck over it.  Life changes when you go from no children to one child, but it changes dramatically when you go from one child to two.

It never fails.  I'm playing baby games with Breaker and catch Finley looking on with those sweet puppy dog eyes.  Thank goodness for the gift of gab.  There is always a way to incorporate her in the moment.  She makes it easy for me, bless her little heart.  She ADORES Breaker.  I'm not saying she doesn't find mischievous ways to divert attention to herself, but if she kisses Breaker once, she kisses him ten times during the day.  I hear her mimic my calming words to him.  She's a caregiver.  . .possibly a nurse one day :)?  

Part of the reason for Bridges Chatter is to chronicle Finley and Breaker's childhood milestones.  That being said it's time to give my little man screen time.

Breaker has grown so much I can no longer hold him and work.  I can lift and do easy chores, but it has to be quick.  He starts to slide right out of my arms.  What's a mom  to do?  I'm up for suggestions.  Maybe the Baby Bjorn?  It's a whole new world to me.  Breaker is wearing clothes now that Finley wore at a year-old (unisex stripe onesies, no worries guys).  His girth is throwing kinks in my bargain shopping as well.  I'm afraid to buy ahead for the next season.

As far as sleeping little man is doing fairly well.  I don't want to jinx myself though.  He's on night three of a regular sleep sack.  Jarrett and I decided it was time to retire the beloved swaddling blanket.  He has his own noise machine now too.  It projects the time onto the ceiling.  Seriously wanting one for our room.  I shouldn't want to know that it's one in the morning and I'm up pacifying my son, but it provides some kind of comfort?  I don't know?  B  likes it.  He's a light man like his mom.  (Mom, Dad and Whit, remember how I used to make you all sleep with that horribly bright hall light blazing through the night?  Bless your hearts.).

Solid foods are progressing well too.  He is getting a homemade veggie Finley did not.  Tomorrow will be his first taste of zucchini.  I'm excited.  It's one of our family faves.  I think mixing it with sweet potatoes should seal the deal.  Dr. Aljabi will be proud of me for trying the spongy green stuff (I think).  He encouraged me to stay away from sweet tasting foods (the ones I gravitate to).

I'm especially tickled tonight because Finley was more interested in the Golden Globes than ever before.  We've tuned in since she was three months old.  She actually watched about thirty minutes of E!'s Red Carpet.  Of course it was under the premise the actors were princesses.

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