Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My MAC Artist

My girl is not your typical three-year-old artist.  She digs her paints and markers, but she'll take eyeshadow, blush and lipstick over Crayola any day.  Much to Jarrett's dismay Finley has a passion for all things powder, gel and gloss.  It all started during the search for entertainment when she visited us in Savannah.  It seemed harmless at the time, but has sense turned into an obsession.  Finley considers makeup application one of her "works" from school.

I let her have a hand at my face last night.  Wow.  Good thing she knows the makeup artist code:  Do not show a client his or her face until complete.  I think she was going for Lady Gaga (one of her muse), but I look more like a member of KISS.

I'm hoping her current love saves me heartache in the future.  She's developing her skills so that one day, say sixteen, she'll be a pro.  She can skip the makeup mishaps so many of us make as teens (orange face, tarantula eyes, frosted lips).  This is the stance I take when she asks Jarrett if she can "paint" his face.

On a side note:  Finley's makeup passion makes me think of Nana.  I'll never forget the time I had my eyes done at the MAC counter in Valdosta.  When I asked Nana for her opinion she asked, "Who hit you in the eye?"  Ironically the palette Finley is using is the one I bought that day :).

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