Monday, January 9, 2012

Between Five & Seven

Breaker turned seven months old (chronologically) yesterday!  At our house that means it's time for a "Half" Birthday Party.  The guests of honor can't eat cake yet, but we can :)  Since Breaker's adjusted age is five months-old we thought it was the perfect halfway spot.

Finley started planning his cake last Sunday.  She conceded on the idea of a Minnie Mouse cake, but convinced Breaker purple is for boys too. 

So what's been going on in my little man's life over the past seven months?  Let me think back. . . 

June:  Home to Timmons Street.  I have a feeling life in the step-down nursery was more peaceful than life with Finley.

July:  Nutramigen on the menu. Colic decided to rare its ugly head.  Science diet to the rescue.

August:  QT with Beebe and Emily.  Back to work for me.

September:  First ever football game at Glynn County Stadium.  Go Terrors!

October:  Halloween and a double ear infection.  The "Beast" costume Beebe sewed somehow? still fits.  He gets to wear it to Emily's Cinderella Birthday Party in few weeks.

November:  I literally squeezed him into his special Thanksgiving outfit.  Thank goodness he didn't have to worry about Turkey Day bloat (and that his dad wasn't around while I dressed him).

December:  First trips to Rome and Valdosta.  Whew.  The awesome family time was worth the interruptions in sleep.  Two front teeth eventually pushed through.  Peas and carrots made meal rotation.  Peas=gagging, carrots=orange cheeks.

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