Sunday, April 29, 2012

Has it really been five years?

It was five years ago today dad went to the Brunswick ER with a severe headache.  After hours of waiting and a CT scan we learned he had a brain bleed.  So much has happened since then I feel farther removed than five years.

I'm sure dad feels otherwise.  He probably recollects more than me.  I remember a lot of the events vividly though.  You know how you can completely picture a memory in your head?  The sounds, the scents, the color.

I was getting ready for work at Bailey Boys when mom called me.  I dropped everything and headed to the ER.  When I arrived dad was writhing in pain.  He was well dressed though.  I believe he had on his uniform khakis?  Maybe it was white?  Naturally the nurses caring for him thought he wanted pain medication (thank you local residents).  When I pleaded for more medicine or even a different medicine I was told to get out of the doorway.  I was breaking HIPAA laws.  Seriously?  Not going to go there.  As I paced back and forth (inside the doorway) I saw a group of employees laughing and cutting-up with a co-worker's infant.

Mom convinced me to leave for work.  Things were under control.  They were doing everything that could be done.  Dad seemed a little better?  I think Whit had been to the hospital at this point too.  I remember sitting in the waiting room with Eli.  Precious little man was just three-years-old and had no idea what was happening.

I made it to Bailey Boys for a few hours, but after receiving a call from mom that dad's status had not improved and he had not had imaging it was time to get on the case.  

Back at the ER, roughly five hours since his admission, dad was still in terrible, terrible pain and had not had a CT scan.  Nurses, if someone comes to the ER complaining of the worst headache they have ever had, what do you do within the hour?

Dad's pain was definitely worse.  He was vomiting and not lucid.  I remember at one time he cried and told me he was sorry he spanked me when I was little.  That is one of the vivid memories.  I can picture it in my head.  I told him I needed that booty whoopin'.  Didn't I turn out OK!?  Dad was clearly frightened.  Mom and I were anxious.  We stayed in the doorway desperate for any one's attention.  Then the moment of all moments.  I thought I was going to come unglued.  Dad started throwing up again.  We had orders to save his emesis.  The care tech came in the room as mom and I frantically searched for a basin.  He leisurely walked over to the wall, pulled down a baggie and threw it at dad.  Are you serious?  Did you just throw that at him with disdain?  

I resolved at that moment to write Gary Colberg and let him know what disrespectful treatment dad received in his hospital.

Finally they wheeled dad to CT around 1:00 in the afternoon.  Mom and I sat on the floor and prayed and cried.  We called Rome and we called Nana.

At some point we were transferred to ICU.  Contemplation and fear filled the room as we waited for results and hopefully answers.  Dad's pain was under control, but this was just the beginning.

The next several weeks dad had a battery of tests.  He was released, re-admitted and after learning he had a cerebral hemorrhage, taken seriously.  The doctors never concluded if pain caused his high blood pressure or if high blood pressure caused his pain.  I left that detail out.  Dad's blood pressure was sky high on admission.  I can't remember the exact numbers close to 200 over 100?  It was crazy high.  I need mom to verify.

Why recount this story now?  I don't want to forget what an incredible Healer we have as a Heavenly Father.  Dad's sickness had slightly faded in my memory.  I'm glad mom reminded me of the anniversary.  It's important not to get caught up in life and forget to be thankful for blessings(even blessings that are years-old).

I never wrote a letter to Mr. Colberg.  It didn't seem right to complain about an event that ultimately was a witness of God's goodness and healing.

We are all so thankful Dad, AKA Big Daddy, is doing well and continues to be his mischievous self.  Whether it's chasing Eli, Sam, Emily, Finley and soon Breaker through the house as they literally scream with laughter (Whit and I trying to figure out how to get them under control) or making random purchases without consulting mom(ask him about his Tom Ford peepers) he's back to business as usual five years and counting. 

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