Thursday, April 19, 2012

All in a day's work

Looking back, this day makes me laugh.  It was a terrible headache at one point, but I think the craziness has resolved, hopefully.  I shouldn't jinx myself.  Finley is still in the bed practicing her end of school program.  

It all started bright and early.  Breaker started begging for a bottle at 6:30 and close to 7:00 Finley began yelling, "Mah-um, I'm ready to get up!"  So much for the gym.  Poor Jarrett's quiet time was replaced with a cartoon about French rabbits (haven't seen it before?).

Then as Breaker and I prepped for his Dr. Aljabi appointment I glanced out the window to see a state prisoner van practically parked in our driveway.  Are you serious?  After the recent SSI prisoner escape I couldn't believe my eyes.  Momma was irate.  My heart raced even more when I got downstairs and realized a Chris Farley look-alike was the deputy in charge.  What the what?  Our "system" in Glynn County makes no sense to me.

At Dr. Aljabi's office Breaker had his first Cirque du Soleil audition.  A brief distraction by Dr. Aljabi left me holding little man by one leg as he dangled from the exam table.  My heart was in my chest again.  Thank goodness Dr. Aljabi was the reason for the distraction.  

Things seemed to settle . . . until nap time.  While I laid Breaker down Finley decided to chew every piece of her dad's gum and let Fergie outside.  I got her to bed just in time for Breaker to wake up.

There was more to come.  While we went on an "Ariel Hunt" (Fin has a missing doll) in the den Breaker found a way to weasel out of the Bumbo face down.  I don't know how he managed, but the hardwood floors that had appeared appetizing were not so much.

To cap off the day Finley had a breakdown of monstrous proportion while I tried to make spaghetti.  I don't know what it is with her and time out.  If she would sit in the chair and do her time it would be so much easier.  If I mention the "T" word she does a lap around the house, throws herself on the floor kicking and wallowing,  and I have to find a way to pick her up and sit her in the chair.  My head aches.  She screams not to set the timer while I inform her I'm starting the timer over.  As Amanda says, "It's a hot mess."

The day ended on a sweet note.  Instead of the usual whining and bargaining during dinner Finley devoured blueberries and spaghetti sauce (she's not big on "strings" like her mom).  I enjoyed Nightly News since she lost her Sid the Science Kid privilege.

but in a BIG way, 22.5lbs

In the words of Tommy Lingerfelt, "Jazz Hands!"

story of our lives

20min of sleepy time

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