Saturday, April 28, 2012

We did it!

This morning Finley proved to us that she can be our "busy" and flexible child. I am busting with pride over how well she behaved at The March for Babies. There were a few moments of, "I want out," but nothing out of the ordinary for a preschooler. She was a champ. She did look a diva-ish though. She rhode by herself in the double stroller, watched Pumba & Timon on my phone and ate strawberries. Really?

Breaker tanned and slept. Don't worry dad. I'm joking about the tan. He was lathered in SPF 15. I guess he wa s flexible too. We never stopped for a diaper change. He might consider his stroll a swim.

One of the biggest treats of the day was seeing the Kennedys. Cooper and Piper have grown so much! They're precious. It's hard to believed neither of them weighed over two pounds at birth. They are quite a pair:).

We finished in about two hours and fifteen minutes. I realized why I run instead of walk.

Jarrett and Finley snagged hotdogs and we were off to see the HRP nurses!

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