Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunnies, but not the Easter kind

This week of spring break has me wishing for a month of bed rest again.  Just kidding.  Not really.  It has given me a glimpse of what I'm up against starting May 22nd.  Those of you who know my Finley know she is a ball of energy.

You're probably saying to yourself, "Duh.  She's a toddler."  But like I said, anyone who knows Finley knows she has more energy than the average three-year-old.

Finley comes from a long line of Energizer Bunnies.  I'm not sure where the gene originated, but the trail starts with her dad and Juju.

I have always considered myself a girl who can shop until she drops, but after experiencing Black Friday with Miss Judy I've decided they need to come up with an elite shoppers club kind of like those folks who possess a Black AX.  She goes and goes and goes.  I'm convinced she could handle The Valdosta Mall, Target, Kohl's, Talbots, Joseph A. Banks, 109 Central and Only Options all in one day and still have the energy to make it through Publix.  I'm not exaggerating.

Then there's Jarrett.  Last week on the way to Jacksonville as I listened to him chat, chat, chat, chat, chat and do things to make me (and his co-workers) laugh I realized I had a giant, man version of Finley sitting next to me.  He bounced off the van walls, that wasn't Tracy making a quick lane change.

So tonight as I told Fin good night it came as no surprise when she popped out from under the sheets to tell me, "Mom, I don't know how to go to sleep!"

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