Thursday, April 26, 2012

Couldn't say no

Jarrett and I decided several months ago that it would be too difficult for our family of four to manage March for Babies in Savannah.  It was hard for us to make the decision not to form a team.  The March of Dimes is dear to our hearts.  MOD is the charitable organization that works to prevent premature birth and helps babies as well as the families of babies born too early.  It's an amazing organization.  We had brief interaction with them after Finley's birth, but while we were in Savannah with Breaker the reality of all they do came to life.  This made it even more difficult not to form a team.  We had developed an even stronger passion for preventing/helping those with early babies.

I was so grateful and felt better about our decision when Bunco Babes (my bunco group) agreed to donate this month's prize money to March for Babies.

Then I received a Facebook friend request from one of our Memorial NICU buddies, Krista Kennedy.  Jarrett and I became friends with Krista and her husband, Chad, last year while we all stayed at the Ronald McDonald House.  I remember wishing we had met earlier in our Savannah journey. We share the same adoration for the High Risk Pregnancy Nurses.  I believe that's how we connected.  Krista and Chad have twins, Cooper and Piper.  They turned one-year-old Wednesday.  Happy Belated Birthday!!

I digress, sorry.  Krista asked us to walk with them in the march.

I went to Jarrett, "Whatcha think?  Can we keep Finley entertained for a six mile walk?"  Jarrett encouraged me to pray about it.  After much thought and contemplation it became clear during church Sunday.  We needed to do the March for Babies as an act of worship.  It would be challenging (two kiddos, three years-old and ten months-old, walking six miles through downtown Savannah, roughly two hours), but we needed to let both Breaker and Finley shine as witnesses of God's healing and goodness.

At the last minute the Bridges have formed a team  for Saturday's March.  This year we are walking as Breaker's Babes.  My mind has been swirling with T-Shirt ideas, but poor Beebe, it's too late to rope her in on another project.  I've bombarded her with enough "to dos" lately (Breaker's baby dedication and First Birthday are around the corner).

So wish us luck and say a little prayer on Saturday morning!  I'm curious to see how Finley handles it all.  She's going to ride in the double-stroller by herself.  Jarrett has promised his phone for Pumba and Timon movies.  Breaker will probably fall asleep like he does on our jogs.  He'll be riding solo.

We can't wait to see the Kennedys and so many others we sincerely miss from our experience this time last year.  Stay tuned for pictures!

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