Sunday, October 2, 2011

Main Squeeze-Update

I should be in bed right now because 5a.m. comes way too early for this "not a morning person" person, but I have to give a shout out to my main squeeze J Bridge.  I'm not going to get too mushy.  I've just been thinking about all he has done for me over the past nine years (and especially over the past five months).  Seriously, if he had known that a blind date at Longhorn would turn his life into such a roller coaster he may have run the opposite direction!  Until him it was only mom who found herself on crazy adventures, now it's him too. . .sometimes solo, sometimes with Beebe in tow. 
Since September 29, 2002 Jarrett Bridges has been found himself in the following "situations", mostly because of me:

1.  After driving halfway to Rome mom discovered I had her car keys.  She was in Albany.  Time to turn around.
2.  Jack has used him as a litter box twice.
3.  I have thrown out gum that has accidentally landed on his car twice.
4.  Nursing school.  Need I say more.
5.  Driving around and around in Buckhead.
6.  Preemie Finley.
7.  Premature Rupture of membranes, one month in Savannah, preemie Breaker.
8.  The Turtle Trot and now the Savannah Half Marathon.
9.  Cher and Carrie Underwood in concert.  Jay-Z too.
10. Hunt for Terry the Turkey.
11. Babysitting Eli in the middle of Tropical Storm Tammie.
12. We missed our flight to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.  Where did I take him for the first day of married life?  Lenox Square!

I thought of a few more adventures I've drug Jarrett on, bless his heart.  I've got to keep better track of these happenings.  He deserves a pat on the back!

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