Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Timmons Street At Last!

Finally all of us are under one roof!  It's nutty and wonderful.  If only you could hear the chatter!  We made it back to SSI on Father's Day.  Jarrett didn't get a fancy dinner, bless his heart, it was Fin's choice Sunday night, but he did have us all at the dinner table(Breaker was present via monitor).  It's wonderful.  It's awesome not to be eating in the bed too!  I'll take take Fin's smacking and veggie refusal any day.

Breaker is adjusting too.  Thanks to NICU & ISN he doesn't mind going to sleep with the television on.  It's nice for the eleven and two a.m. feedings.  He's a smacker too--sucking down his milk and formula!  He's almost back to his birth weight.

I've got to run because it's almost feeding time (it comes around every three hours)!  There's lots more to share and I can't wait to get it all out.

Jarrett and I offer prayers of thanksgiving constantly.  God has been so gracious.  Thank you all for being in prayer with us.

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