Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial X1 MO

Since we've been in the hospital for one month tomorrow, I thought I would borrow Sonal's genious idea and do a "Month in Review".  Her reviews are some of my most favorite of her blogs to read.  I'm going to try. . .

Listening to . . . the pros and cons of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and repeat C/Section, with the drip, drip of oxygen in the background and an occasional BEEP of the IV pump.

Watching. . . all things TLC, Bravo and E!  And of course I never miss my beloved All My Children.  I try to catch General Hospital too.  I'm making a confession:  I LOVE watching my soaps.  I feel like such a sap.  I do make up for it though.  I try to catch Way Too Early with Willy Geist and Morning Joe.

Reading. . .Water for Elephants.  I didn't know if it was the one for me, but Ashley Holmes convinced me!  I'm slowly getting into it.  Folks have brought Jarrett and me the best magazines around too.  I should be up-to-date on summer fashion, makeup, hot spots to visit, etc.  Just give me a holla if you have any questions:).

Eating. . .Sadexo Room Service, The Green Truck (OMG, y'all gotta try it!  All organic and farm raised), a bottle of ketchup a week (that's disgusting, but a pregger's craving), hospital graham crackers and of course my beloved frozen yogurt.  "Straw-biddy," as Finley would say, is the flava of the month.

Drinking. . . water, water, water and lactated ringers (in a round about way).  I am allowed an occasional Zero.  I treasure those moments.

Wearing. . . tank tops in every color and my Calypso St. Barth's wrap from mom and dad.  Oh!  And my birdcage necklace from Whitter.

Using. . . iPhone and laptop like a crazy person.  Angie (Studio 1604) has introduced me to dry shampoo too.  I LOVE IT!  She sent me TIGI Catwalk.  You need to stop by for a bottle of your own.  Seriously.

Shopping for. . .little boy clothes!  It's a first and I love it.  I've been picking up back-to-school clothes for Finley too.  Sales do a body good :)  Crazy 8s, Zulily, Totsy, Hautelook and Rue La La are my demise.

Lusting after. . .the chance to wear some of my summer clothes and swimsuits.

Laughing at. . . the funny stories about Finley, J's rhyming and sometimes the looks on the med students faces.  DEER IN HEADLIGHTS.

Brainstorming. . . on plans for the nursery and Finley's big girl room.  Jarrett and I are researching fall concerts too.  My fingers are crossed for tickets to Rihanna and/or J.Lo (if she does a tour).

Excited about. . . Breaker's arrival in two weeks! 

I hope I haven't bored you guys.  I'm not as gifted as Sonal.  Check her blog out if you can:  Life In Sonal's Shoes.  It rocks!

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  1. How sweet are you to give me a shout out??. Life has made me so behind on blogging...but hoping to get caught up in another week or so. Some amazing new shoes that must be posted soon! I think about you guys every day!! xoxo