Monday, May 30, 2011

Advice for Future PTLers & PPROMers

Since I've been on bed rest here's what I've learned:

  • Every day is like a trip to the gynecologist.  Scrub down and shave where necessary every shower.
  • Taking a shower is no longer a chore, but a daily field trip.  You will treasure your twenty minutes of freedom.
  • It's exciting to tell the nurse your bowels have moved. 
  • You will miss Wal-Mart.  I would love to be able to roam the aisles of Brunswick's Wal-Mart right about now.
  • Your husband will do anything to entertain himself (and you).  This includes everything from bustin' rhymes, "I'm the J-D-O-Double G"  to pretending the IV pole is microphone and he is Steven Tyler.  It's a riot.  I love it, but
  • You will tell your husband to "Shut-up" with love of course.  It can be too much when someone with lots of energy is working on their American Idol audition tape and all  you can do is sit and watch, trapped.
  • Mealtime is the ultimate chore.  What do you want to eat, what restaurants are in the area, what's on their menu, what's the price point, how do you get there and then the dreaded "wait time".  Be careful whose culinary advice you take too.
  • The residents, nurses and techs quickly become extended family.  Having ruptured membranes is a long term gig.  Engage in conversation.  We've had so much fun learning about everyone; where they are from, about their children, school plans, etc.  I think they look forward to Finley's visits as much as we do too!
  • Have someone bring you Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • If you have children and they visit, go ahead and resign yourself to the fact they are going to touch the floor.  That's where the hand sanitizer comes in handy.
  • Speaking of children, when they visit the "no junk food diet" is out the window.  We attempted to keep the groceries out of Fin's sights the first few visits, but now we have a pantry full of "sweet" gifts.   Finley's radar goes off immediately.
  • Pregnancy brain is magnified when you are stuck inside four walls, all day, all night.  This week I had a twenty minute conversation with Suzanne Akins thinking I was talking to Susie Harmon.  I also wished my dear friend Meredith Happy Birthday a month too early (I posted on FB and all).
  • You're not nuts if you ask for a coloring book and crayons.
  • Every meal is eaten in bed.  Note to Finley and Breaker:  On Mother's Day I NEVER want breakfast in bed (unless you're eating with me!)  Nothing is more disgusting than crumbs in the bed.  Gross.
  • Ask for help OR your IV tubing, IV electrical cord, oxygen cannula, plexi boot cord, fetal heart monitor transducers and television changer will become a tangled mess.
I guess that's about it for now.  I'm sure more advice? will become apparent over the next three weeks.  Oh, and by the way, we received exciting news from Dr. Justice tonight (one of our favorite residents).  No matter what I will deliver at 34weeks!  At this point of gestation prolonging pregnancy is a greater risk than benefit.  So three weeks is truly our ultimate goal.  We know we'll meet Breaker Howston at that point!  Until tonight we thought bed rest could last indefinitely.  Now we have a ultimate goal and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sonogram post-poned until tomorrow due to the holiday.  Can't wait to share the deets!

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