Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Jarrett and I may be missing Memorial Day Festivities, but it's still sunny in our room.  We've got the blinds open as much as possible (terrible glare) and we've already had lots of visitors today!  Chris Thomas stopped by this morning.  It was nice to have more testosterone in the room.  I'm glad J had "man" conversation.  Bless his heart, he has listened to enough gal chat to last until at least next year.  Chris brought fab magazines too.  Can't wait to get to them.  The best part though, had to be the hilarious stories about his precious children.  He has some cute ones!

Then we got a big surprise:  Eli and Sam came to visit with Beebe and Big Daddy!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Somehow they made it through the red tape.  It was like being at home.  They were into the snacks and inspecting to the room for hidden treasures.  I soaked-up as much as possible.  Now all I need is a dose of my Emily.  That'll be tricky, but new pics will do (hint-hint :))

Finley and the Bridges are on their way too!  Can't wait!

Oh and we never could get the video of the room downloaded.  I'll do another one soon.  It's quite the interior design masterpiece.  I don't want you all to miss out.

Holla later--C

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