Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Makes It a Week

So our Savannah journey started last Saturday at a Derby Day Party and I am proud to say our crew has made it a week.  So we now have accomplished our goal of being here a week.  It actually has gone by fairly fast and we are now hunting weeks so next Saturday is our new target.  Our room is one of the smaller ones in the unit and we have kept it very organized.  We have been blessed w/ snacks, magazines, sweets, and some flowers.  We have enjoyed getting to know our nurses each day.  I think this hospital has an amazing group of people in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit. 

Courtney has been doing well and has really kept her spirits up all week.  I am so proud of how tough she has been through this whole process--she is taking care of business.  We have visits from our Doctors each morning and night.  During the other moments she is resting, checking our the Internet, watching wedding shows on TLC, and coloring in her Hello Kitty book (that's right, for some reason coloring is a stress reliever for her).  She has to wear some compressions boots each night that shoots air into them every three seconds.  When these boots are not tight enough an alarm goes off every two seconds.  Last night I almost threw them through the window as they were malfunctioning and we heard the alarm for over two hours--Court and I actually slept through most of it.

We have also had some great visits from family and friends.  Amanda Holt served up just what Courtney needed on Thursday in some quality girl time.

So we continue this experience thanking God for each day as an amazing gift for Baby B to develop. Thanks for the prayers and we'll keep updating soon!


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  1. I am coming to see you. Email me... I have Baptism Sunday in Bluffton.... after 4? Praying for you sister.... I have such a peace about this.... I will bring manhugs for the boys