Friday, May 20, 2011

Facts on Friday

So many things that have happened since May 7th I want to share with you guys.  Things I've learned and experienced over the last two weeks:

1.  Premature rupture of membrane madness started at the Frederica Academy Derby Day Party.  Jarrett and I were literally there for fifteen minutes.  I thought I had wet my pants :)

2.  Dr. Strickland is one fast-movin' brotha in a crisis situation.  He moves at the speed of light on a normal basis, but in triage he was like Lightenin' McQueen.  Along with Venus, Corbett, Kamini and the other precious MNC nurses we were outta there and headed to Savannah in less than an hour.  (Venus your IV access lasted four days--great stick!)

3.  Jarrett could not ride with me in the ambulance.  Instead I had the company of an absolute Dilbert.  I shouldn't be so ugly, Beebe raised me better, but here are a few of his comments:  "Wow.  It was really chaotic in there.  It's never like that and I do this all the time."  "So you're an OB nurse.  You could probably teach me a few things"  "This is your second child.  You know what it feels like to crown."  "Do you know 'so and so' from Kingsland?"  Really?  I'm normally a chatty southern belle, but this was not the time.  The ride seemed brief, thank goodness; and I didn't have to deliver my own child like I kept imagining.

4.  Whitney and Amanda are hot-rods.  They beat me to Memorial!

5.  Memorial University Hospital,Savannah.  Wow these folks do this ALL the time.  Several of my nurses have practiced High Risk Pregnancy (HRP) for over seventeen years.  That's comforting.  They quickly instructed me to turn the fetal heart monitor down and let them do the watching.  I've slept through several contractions thanks to them.  Dr. Adams, Chief Resident, reassured me the longest part of an emergency C-Section is the ride from the patient's room to the OR.

6.  To go to the bathroom I unvelcro plexi boots, remove an oxygen canula and unplug the fetal heart monitor.  Once I'm out of the bed I unplug the IV pump, wrap the monitor around my neck and head to the jon:)  Oh and look out for the TV/Nurse Call remote.  It gets tangled in the IV tubing.

7.  I've been instructed to drink lots, but don't let my bladder get too full because it stimulates contractions.  Poor Amanda has seen my lovely hospital skivvies several times during her visits, bless her heart.  They're kind of like shorts, comfortable, wedgie free, but would definitely cause a VPL.

8.  TV in the middle of the night has progressed since Finley was born.  Nick@Nite, The Hallmark Channel, TLC and a few others have around-the-clock programming.  If I do happen to wake-up at two in the morning there's entertainment!  I hate feeling like the only one awake in the hospital.  TV is comforting.

9.  I thought I was addicted to Facebook. . . now it's beyond addiction.  It's my connection the world, seriously.  I shouldn't be so dependent on social media.

10.  The nurses here have inspired me to be a better nurse.  I'm ready to hit the ground running as soon as I can at SE OB-GYN.  I miss the gals, Drs. Strickland, Brock and Gowen so much.  I think I miss DIGI chart just a little bit too.

11.  Oh!  We found out it's a boy!  We haven't been able to see "it" with our own eyes, but Doc says "it" is there.  I hope he's right because we're in boy mode.  I'm excited to learn what it's like to be the momma of a boy.  Aunt Whi and Aunt Amanda have started the wardrobe!

12.  His name is Breaker.  Jarrett and I can't decide on a middle name, but Breaker is for sure.  Reese Haley wanted to know if it's "Breaker" because my water "broke" early.  Crazy dude :)

14.  Jarrett is a trooper.  He has to feel like Jeffrey from Fresh Prince at times.

15.  Beebe and Big Daddy have a new roomie.  Finley has been with them from the beginning.  She's eating carrot sticks and spaghetti. . .we'll see what Bid Daddy has teaches her. . . Major props to the folks too for being road warriors.  They drove to Rome and back in one day to make it to Savannah when I called with the news.

16.  I have made it through Coke Zero withdrawals.  It has been heartbreaking to let go of my favorite beverage.  I can't have caffeine and that includes chocolate.  Caffeine = Contractions.

17.  Hospital meals are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.  Most of the time they get my order right, but sometimes I don't think they understand English.

I hope this hasn't been too boring.  I have great ideas in my head that don't always translate on the blog.  As soon as I it "publish" something will pop up.  I hope this catches you guys up on some of the details.  I'll blog in the present from now on!

Much love!!


  1. You did a great job of retelling your journey thus far. I like to remind myself that the doc told you that you were in the 25th percentile of reaching two weeks after your water broke and still having that precious baby in the oven! God is so very good and I am forever thankful to Him. I love you sweet doll...sleep tight!

  2. Girl, you are cracking me UP! #3 has me crying, I'm laughing so hard. (Albeit, not funny at all at the moment, I'm sure!) Keep hanging in there! Love you!

  3. So funny, Court! Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of life in the HRP wing. You and J are troopers. I know the next four weeks will be long, but we're praying that you'll be there that long!! :) Love you!