Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Nice Visit

Day #4 is passing by and we have had a our typical day which is good.  Not trying to jinx anything so this update is about our nice visit today.  When you occupy a total of 150 square feet any and all visits are a blessings.  Our fist visit was from Betsy and Lauren Turner and they left some solid poundcake behind.

The second and last visit was from Dr. Bridges;  Dr. Finley Bridges that is!  She even wore her stethescope that was pink.  Finley also enjoyed watching a new born has his "KuKah" washed.  So the entertainment tonight was provided by the Dr. and it was awesome hanging with our daughter.

Court's doing well and again we are taking it day by day.  Keep Praying!

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  1. Dr. Bridges is now in bed for the night and some of her final words were, "I love my mommy and daddy." Beebe