Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quirky Observations

These are a few quirks we've encountered since we've been here.  I'm not being bitter.  I am so grateful for where we are!  Just a few interesting observations :)

We have had AWESOME nursing care.  I have been learning lots, however, there are always a few in the staff mix whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.  Brutal I know, but honest.  On night thirteen my nurse ask me if my membranes were ruptured.  Hum. . . thank goodness I knew Joan (one of our faves) was outside watching the monitors too.  Last night our nurse informed us that she only works one day a week.  She was a little shaky about procedures and talked to herself as she walked out of the room.  I'm guessing she only works one shift to subsidize her social security.  I'm not hating on older adults.  This was odd.  I was very thankful when we hit 0400 and the night had been uneventful.

The medical students, for the most part, have been a pleasure.  They can use me to learn no prob, but number one do not be condescending.  There is one chic who has seen me multiple times and is determined to make sure I know she's brighter than me.  She loves to use medical terminology to see if I know what it means.  "Have you had any dysuria?"  Really, would you say that to the patient next door?  Don't test the nurse.  She got caught in her "professional" act by Dr.Royek.  All My Children is usually on when he visits.  She came bopping in and turned the TV off (no one does this).  He said, "Oh!  I was actually interested in that!"  Boo-ya.  I think Dr. Royek has a secret passion for AMC.  He couldn't believe Susan Lucci was getting the axe and said, "That's just unAmerican!"  There is also a male med student I can't quite get a read on.  He seems to be a smooth operator.  He schmoozes Jarrett, wears lots of cologne and today told me, "You look good, really good."  It is a kind statement, but something about his inflection changed the connotation.  It wasn't like Dr. Strickland or Dr. Brock reassuring me that I do not look like a pastie ghost.  It was weird.  Jarrett rolled over in his "bed" and joined the conversation, thank goodness.

Daily weights should not be done at nine o'clock at night.  Especially not on a girl who is obviously weight conscious and physically active and is now stuck in the bed with eating as one of her few "activities".

We've been here over two weeks now.  My food is the only food in the fridge.  Jarrett is not going to "tamper" with any one's belongings.

Momma doesn't like it when you "shush" her man.

"This is what you call a maxi-pad?"  Yes Jarrett and we should have bought stock in the company.

If you have to go to the bathroom and choose to use mine, beware.  It's not dirty, but I have to collect my urine for the nurses and save things for them to see (use your imagination).  It's part of being in the hospital.  Girls, y'all get it.  Guys, use the toilet down the hall.  I hate to be that kind of hostess, but it will make the situation a lot more comfortable.

We're not obnoxious, but we have moved in!  We're down for the count, four more weeks.  We have two TVs (one is so old we couldn't hook-up the DVD), two laptops, pictures, Finley's artwork, a coffee maker and anything else remotely like home and movable. 

I hope this blog doesn't come across as bitter.  Just a few fun observations, not hang-ups.  These things make J and me laugh!

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