Saturday, May 28, 2011

31 never looked so good!

We've met another goal:  Breaker is 31 weeks in the belly today!  It's your prayer and God's grace that has gotten us this far.  Thank you, thank you!  Our next goal rolls around Monday.  We have an ultrasound.  Breaker will have another anatomy scan and weight calculation.  I can't wait to see how much he weighs.   He could be well over three pounds.  Hoping so!  We'll letcha know.

I made a video of lovely room 215, but can't find it downloaded on J's computer.  When I figure it out, I'll post it.  I have pics of the amazing hospital gown Courtney Donovan made me too.  It's A-mazing.  You'll want to place an order for the moms-to-be in your life.  Can't wait for you to see!

I'm not blue today, but definitely missing the Memorial Day Weekend plans we had made.  Our dear friends Kim & Jonathan McCarty and their precious baby girl, Bella, leave for Singapore (for three years) June 4th.  Jarrett and I were throwing them a farewell party tonight, cancelled.  Such a bummer.  They're are also vacationing around the corner from us.  I miss spending time with them. 

One of my precious sorority sisters, Janie Grinnell, is headed to SSI too.  I haven't seen her in such a long time and was looking forward to meeting her husband, Justin, and their baby boy, Davis.  She's pregnant too!   I love seeing baby bumps.  I'll miss them.

SSI is a tourist destination so I have even one more group of friends headed south:  Paul, Molly and Anna Justice (and several of Anna's friends)!  It's crazy!  I was Anna's babysitter when I went to Georgia.  We have kept in touch and I love them all to pieces.  They come every summer, sometimes two times.  I hope they make the trip again this year.  Anna is headed into her senior year at Athens Academy and I gotta see her as much as I can!  Molly and Paul are like my big brother and sister.  I love to get insight and learn from them.  On top of all of that they are way fun to hang out with!

I guess that's about it for now.  I'll be back later when J helps me find the video and pictures.  Two blogs in one day--LOOKOUT!

Oh and we have congrats to send out too!  Tracy and Nick Toth welcomed twin baby girls into the world on Thursday.  Big Sis' Susie has two new playmates!  And Cara and Jason Tankersley welcomed a new baby boy into the world yesterday.  It's baby central around here!


  1. We are sooo missing y'all too. Gonna try to come up there next week for one more visit before we go!!! Jonathan is making up for no party with a guys night out :). I'm so proud of you and J. I don't know if I could do itnni spool admire your strength. Love you!!!!

  2. My heart skips a beat when I read your posts for I remember being there on the same floor 10 years ago trying to keep precious Michael where he belonged. You are doing great work, Courtney. Stay strong and watch that clock spin around....try to rest and be peaceful but I do know how crazy it is. Love you!