Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's a girl to do?

I find myself wondering on recovery days. What do I do with the extra time? It's only about an hour, but what do I do? Take a decent shower and actually fix my hair?

Today, my last day off, I find myself pondering Lent and Easter and what it all means. This time last week Jarrett and I tried to decide what to give up in anticipation of the Resurrection. I have to admit I didn't decide until yesterday. I needed fries to get me through the race:). So it's fries and Chex Mix for me this year. I LOVE them. Now the decision on what to pray about when I'm tempted. I want to wake up Easter Morning changed.

I want to be a better member of Team Bridges. I'm going to look for ways to witness to Finely and Breaker and be a better cheerleader for Jarrett. I'm open for suggestions. I think this calls for more time in the Word. So I'm giving up and adding during Lent.

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