Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Four months and then what?

I'm having a sappy momma moment tonight.  It's one of those moments you say you'll never have (before a little person makes his or her way on the scene).

I remember, "I'm a strong, career-minded woman.  No baby will turn me to mush."


Three years later Finley melts my heart with her big hazel eyes every morning.  And Breaker, well he's the culprit of tonight's melting moment.

I've been noticing how my little man is slowly turning into a little what?  Toddler?  No, say it's not so.  In four short months Breaker will be one year-old.  What the what?  Wasn't he just discharged from Memorial?  It blows my mind.  He's not sitting up yet, but with the help of Babies Can't Wait it won't be long.  He wants to hold his bottle and feed himself  (especially after he saw Finley coming at him with a spoon).

And then there's the hair.  It looks like little boy hair.  His Kate Gosselin spike in the back is almost gone.  It's long and dark.  I can part it to the side.  I hate to tell Jarrett, who thinks Breaker's hair is getting lighter, it's actually getting darker.  I'm calling this one.  I think Breaker is going to have my dark hair.  The saying goes too, boys get their mom's dad's hair.  I'll wait to share this with Breaker, but at one time Big Daddy did have Magnum P.I. hair.  For real.  I need to scan the pic . . . it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission (right Haszinski?).  You guys really need to see this.

So there's a puddle on Timmons Street right now.  I can't believe it's time to plan a smash cake and baby dedication.

Oh and B's birth announcements; they'll be out by the end of this month.  Due to child equality laws at our house announcements can not be mailed until nine months of age (when Finley's were sent).

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