Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll get back to these in about ten. . . years

1.  Eating from china at a seasonally decorated table
2.  Daily makeup application
3.  Stilettos on a regular basis
4.  Control of my telephone
5.  Shaved legs (I have to be quick)
6.  A clean house (finally gave up after much counsel from Kim Landers)
7.  Thirty-minute-or-less trips to the grocery store
8.  Sleep
9.  Grown-up Television
10.  Sitting to eat lunch
11.  Shopping in the mall
12.  Freedom to use the words ice cream, cake, cookie, makeup, paint, goldfish, park, bike, etc. at random
13.  Punctuality (unless it's to see Dr. Aljabi)
14.  Uninterrupted phone calls and some days phone calls period
15.  Adult conversation with Beebe and Big Daddy, I mean mom and dad

It's all good though.  One day, in about ten years, I'll wonder how these days passed by so quickly.

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