Saturday, February 25, 2012

As Walt says, "Let the memories begin!"

I'm going to do a jot list. Whew. It has already been a day!

Jarrett got up early for his training run (Snicker's Half for him next week) leaving me to get the gal, who is deathly afraid of the hotel shower, to get prepped for the day.

Off for breakfast at the End Zone Cafeteria. We see the Davis Family!

We make it to ESPN track and Finley starts shaking with fear. No dash today. Parenting is trial and error.

Pizza two meals in a row. I love running half marathons.

Waiting to see Minnie her helper announces she has to go check on the cookies she's baking. Finley is afraid of all the other characters. She is especially afraid of Chip and Dale now because her dad shoved her stroller at them (a Big Daddy moment).

Festival of The Lion King is amazing. Thank goodness there were no tears at this show.

On the safari trek we interrupted the lion commentary with blood curdling screams. Nope it's not from this fam. It's them, over there. We mall walked through that exhibition.

I chased Finley down to grab a leaf from her hair. Wait. That's stuck to my hand. Bird poop. Jarrett says, "It's no big deal."

Tried to do the Nemo show. Fin was "scared". Sat in the very back. Still "scared". Called it a day.

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