Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can't keep their pace

With my thoughts on recovery this week I realized there is no recovery from the mom race. I'm not complaining by any means. What I mean is that I can't keep up. I want there to be a record of every "first" and I'm afraid I've missed a few of Breaker's. I haven't had the camera with me or captured a quick iPhone pic, but wish I had more. That's why we have The Chatter. I'm attempting to pick up my pace.

What's B been up to?

Last week he ate in a restaurant high chair for the first time! Chick-fil-A of course. He ate bananas and formula, but nuggets are in his future.

He's transitioned to a real car sear too. No more infant carrier. He loves being able to cut up with Finley. I hope car rides stay this pleasant.

Probably his biggest fete, a solo trip to Rome with Beebe and Big Daddy. He found a way to convince his grandparents they needed a bed buddy.

Then their's Fin. What's she been up to? Whew.

She has discovered her sassy side. Seriously, did she just call me Mallicifent? Yep. For those of you who may not know, Mallicifent is the evil queen in Snowhite.

She tries on in the store now too. I know how mom felt all those years. She'd beg me to cut the antics and just try on. All I heard was Ru Paul and I was workin' it. Finley has a passion for the fitting room too. I'm sure she heard "Sexy and I Know It" as she struck a pose in the $64 dress she personally picked out. Thank goodness she was distracted by her skills and that dress made it back to the attendant. And thank goodness Saks has an additional 50%off rack so she didn't leave empty handed.

These two little people keep me on my toes. Nike needs a shoe for this.

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