Friday, April 5, 2013

I should be ashamed

I can not believe The Chatter has been given such a raw deal.  It has been completely ignored since November.  I guess things got busy?  There's no excuse.  I've missed chronicling too many things.  Poor Breaker.  He has fewer professional pictures and now fewer blog posts regarding his "firsts".  Hopefully he won't mind.  He's a guy, right?  That's so sexist of me.

December was all the tinsel, lights and greenery you can imagine.  Breaker was a sheep.  Finley was child in the choir(Kindergartners get the parts).  We made it to Orlando to see the McCarty's.  We made a brief stop in Valdosta.  And we made it on the stomach bug's list.  Each of us had a touch of something.  Jarrett had it Christmas Eve and I followed suit on New Year's Eve.

So what's up in 2013?
1.  Finley started gymnastics.  She's letting her hair grow out (praying for a perfect bun by dance recital).  And she wants to play with her brother's push-mower but he, by no means, can he play with her Barbies.  Her obsessions for makeup, shoes and nail polish continue.

2.  Breaker walks and runs everywhere(no more developmental delay).  He is truly a heart breaker.  He has a wink and a grin that sports a dimple.  Most find themselves putty in his hands.  He loves his play mower too, but his fave, by far, is the real putter Abbie Ellis has loaned us while Griffin grows.  By the time the car is unloaded he has his club, his dad's club and a slew of balls thrown in the driveway.

3.  Jarrett is working, working, working.  When the weekend hits he has earned his routine Saturday Sweet Momma's date with the kiddos.  Turner & Associates and Young Agents of GA keep him pounding the pavement.  Fortunately, Young Agents requires a round of golf here and there and the occasional dinner out.  I'm more thankful than most for those dinners out.  Remember I can't cook.  It gets me off the hook.

4.  Then there's me.  What's up with me?  I love being back with my SGPA OB/GYN crew(new abbreviation).  I love being with the kiddos two days a week and playing taxi.  What I really love is J Bridge.  I do really love him(with all my heart) but what I'm really excited about in 2013 is starting a niche career as a stylist/personal shopper.  Yep, let me do the searching for you.  I'm working out kinks and seeking advice.  I hope by mid-summer I have the tools in place.  Let me take load of looking for the "perfect" dress(es), etc. off your hands.  Naturally I've gone about it a bit backwards.  The logo came first.  It makes me just giddy.  Robert Weed nailed it.  Unfortunately it's not public yet.  StratPad helped me develop a vision.  The plan is in place.  Now I've got to get my busy, business-minded hubby to give me a few more pointers, find a way to organize thoughts for clients and I'm ready.

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