Saturday, July 14, 2012

Born in the USA!

It's weird that July 4th is in the middle of the week, but Jarrett and I did our best to block out the fact that it's back to work tomorrow.

We started the day with a 5K.  This wasn't a typical 5K experience for the Bridges Family.  The men stayed behind.  It was all about the ladies.  Mom ran her first race today and I had the absolute joy of finishing with her.  It was awesome.  I'm not sure of a time I have been more proud of mom.  Of course I'm always proud that she's my momma, but for "mom" reasons.  This is a different type of pride.  It's the type of pride you develop as you become an adult and see a parent step out of their comfort zone.  She took a chance and wow.  We may not be Flo Jos, but us Carter gals know how to cross a finish line in style.

Our timing for the Sunshine Festival wasn't the best.  It was SCORCHING hot and the vendors weren't cranked for business.  Yobe to the rescue.

One of Jarrett's dear friends he grew up with, Emily Varner, and her family were in town and came by for a visit.  It was wonderful to see her, Gary, Kate and Anna.

The final highlight of the day was swimming with Bo & John Turner.  Finley jumped and jumped and jumped.  Jarrett managed her while I corralled Breaker the Bronco.  And no need for the usual grilled Fourth goodies for him.  Leaves will do.

I was prepared to do the five minute game with Finley when it was time to go.  Duh.  Fireworks.  She knew they were coming.  She was out of the water without a battle (probably the first and last time this will happen).  Last year she literally shook all the way home after thirty seconds of fireworks at the pier.

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  1. Thanks Court for those kind, sweet words...I love you:)