Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breaker's Day

Similar to last year, this Mother's Day was more like Breaker's Day.  On Sunday, May 13th we dedicated Breaker to the Lord.  Between services, in the prayer chapel, close friends and family gathered as Jarrett, Finley and I thanked God for the blessing of our sweet Breaker.  Jay performed the ceremony and sent Breaker home with his letter to open when he turns thirteen ( I can wait for that day).

It was a time to pause and celebrate Breaker's little life.  Often times I find myself in the monotony of life: School, ballet, grocery store, dinner, bath, etc. that I fail to remember what blessing Finley and Breaker are to Jarrett and me.  The daily grind takes over the miracle of it all.  As parents we have to take pause and embrace our gifts (our children).  I try so hard not say the words, "I can't wait. . . ,".  Before I know it the moment of feeding Breaker his bottle has passed.  I don't get it back.  I don't get back the opportunity to rock him to sleep either.  I'm thankful I didn't fall into the Babywise trap and see rocking Breaker as a "sleeping crutch".  I decided that if I had to rock Breaker to sleep every nap and night time it would be just fine.  I can take the time to comfort and love on the baby we desperately prayed for.  Now he's outgrown rocking and puts himself to sleep.  Not so much a crutch Mr. Babywise (The Babywise series provides helpful information to parents, but the section on sleeping crutches not so helpful for this mom).

I'm rambling. Back to Breaker's Day.  I (along with mom of course) poured my heart in to the details.  It was our first no-holds-bars luncheon on Timmons Street.  Jarrett tried to reign me in, but it was no use.  I promised to use the table linens again and I did the most of the dishes.  Bless his heart, I had to catch him before he put the Tupperware S&P on the table.  What the what?

The theme was all things blue, green and boy.  Abby Ellis gave me blue hydrangeas that brought the details together.  Mom did the arranging and I cooked.  I did.  No catering for this party.  I wanted to give of myself to the precious folks attending.  Now bless their hearts, they may have wished otherwise, but tasty or not, it was from my heart.  Mom and Miss Judy contributed to the menu as well.  I'm sure the Asian slaw and fruit were appetizing.  The Breakerface cupcakes weren't too shabby.  It was chaos around me as guests arrived and Jarrett made rice (that exploded with growth out of the pot), but every cupcake had a Breakerface.  Dessert is priority.  It's the last and most memorable moment of a meal, right?

Here are a few pictures Oliver Twist Photography captured!

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  1. What an absolutely awesome day...all five of my grandchildren given back to our sweet Lord:)